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These Are the Best Teas for Good Health

These Are the Best Teas for Good Health

What are the world’s best teas for good health? We believe they’re the ones sold in our store.

What are the best teas for good health? It’s a subject close to our hearts here at Linden Botanicals. In fact, an in-depth investigation into the most powerful plants in the world led us to start the business in the first place.

From 50,000 Available Plants, We Selected the Best Teas for Good Health

The first thing that you’ll notice about our offerings is that there aren’t too many of them. In fact, we offer only a fraction of the teas and extracts sold by many other companies.

It’s no accident why. These plants are highly curated. Each plant has been selected for its value — both its traditional medicinal value and its modern-day, scientifically based performance value.

Worldwide, some 50,000+ plants have some level of bioactivity. I personally engaged in a search for the best plants that took almost 5 years. Over that time, I narrowed down the company’s offering to only those plants that traditionally and scientifically have shown to be safe, good for physical health, and good for mental health.

What Are the Best Teas for Good Health?

We sell highly curated teas and extracts from around the world, and we’re passionate about our offerings. Here are the teas and extracts we believe best support body and mind health:

Where We Found These Amazing Plants

Once I narrowed my search to a handful of plants, I sought the best sources for each plant.

We found several of the plants in China and Mongolia, several in India, and Phyllanthus niruri in Peru.

Location matters. Altitude, environment, and bacteria (microflora) matter. In fact, these factors are difficult if not impossible to replicate. People try to culture plants in new environments, but it’s difficult to cultivate soil bacteria. Plants don’t grow in a vacuum; instead, they grow with water, soil, and sun.

As just one example, lots of the supposed “Phyllanthus niruri” out there comes from India or China instead of Peru. The plant grown in China is really Phyllanthus urinaria, and the plant grown in India is really Phyllanthus amarus. They’re not the same plants as Phyllanthus niruri, and they don’t offer the same health benefits.

Be very careful about what you buy. You may think you’re getting the Peruvian plant called Phyllanthus niruri (one of the most beneficial plants on the planet), but you may be getting something else entirely.

It bears repeating — location matters.

Will We Ever Offer More Than These Best Teas for Optimizing Your Health?

We continue to add more plants to our offerings, but only after sufficient research, testing, analysis, and consideration. And only when we identify and build relationships with a reliable ethical sources.

At Linden Botanicals, our primary focus is on you — on helping you optimize your health. It’s the driving philosophy of our business, just as it’s the theme of the blogs we write. This very desire to help you also led us to make the difficult decision regarding the limited number of products we offer.

The easiest thing in the world is to try to be all things to all people. Why offer a couple dozen products when we could offer 100? Why not offer 1,000?

The hardest thing to do is often the right thing to do. And we believe that the right plants along with the right sourcing are the winning combination for those who truly want to optimize their health.

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