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Cissus quadrangularis

Cissus quadrangularis is known for providing bone health, joint health, and exercise recovery support. Also called Hadjod and Veld Grape, it is a key Ayurvedic ingredient found natively throughout southern Asia, India, Java, and West Africa. It is globally recognized for its healing and rejuvenating powers.

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Cissus quadrangularis – 40% Ketosterones

Considered the “Master of Recovery” in India, Cissus quadrangularis (Hadjod) is a key Ayurvedic ingredient. Collected in the tropical regions of India, it’s valued for its healing and rejuvenating powers. The main traditional use is to support bone health.

Preparations are used as a tonic for connective tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Therapeutic uses also include strengthening and nourishing the joint tissues and supporting the rapid recovery from exercise. Highly revered in India, it is believed to increase energy, strength, and resilience.


Ayurvedic and other traditional medicine systems suggest Cissus quadrangularis may support:

Serving Suggestion

Instructions: Add 1/4 teaspoon of concentrate to 8 ounces of water, a cup of juice, or your favorite smoothie. Stir until dissolved. Drink 1-2 glasses a day.

Additional Information

The information herein is intended for educational purposes only. This information should not substitute for seeking responsible, professional medical care. The information provided should not be used during any medical emergency. Not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or curing of any medical condition. Consult with your healthcare provider before using any herbal supplement.

As a key ingredient in Ayurvedic practice, Cissus quadrangularis (Hadjod, Veld grape) is used to provide support for a wide variety of health issues. It is regarded in traditional systems as being useful for malaria, fever, colic, diarrhea, epilepsy, gout,  piles, skin diseases, and syphilis. However, the core of its uses are in balancing hormones in menopause and in helping to heal bones.

The Ayurvedic name Hadjod translates as bone-joiner or “prevents destruction of bones.” Preparations are also used as a cardiotonic. As a mouthwash, it is used for oral and dental health issues. Externally, applications are used on eczema, acne, and small wounds. It may prove useful in helping to find balance when under stress. In addition, it is believed to help with recovery after exercise.

Adamant creeper, Asthisamharaka, Hadjod, Harbhanga, Hadsanka, Kandvel, Mogaroli, Nalleru, Namunungwa, Phet Cha Sang Kat, Pirandai, Samroi, San Cha Khuat, Vajravalli, Vedhari, Veld Grape, Winged Treebine

Anthocyanins: Delphinidin 3-O- Xyloside

Flavinoids: Apigenin, Quercetin, Kaempferol, Luteolin, Myricetin, Rutin, Genistein and Daidzein

Glycosides: 6′-O-trans-cinnamoyl-catalpol, 6-O-{2,3-dimethoxy}-t-cinnamoyl-catalpol, and 6-O-m-methoxy-benzoyl catalpol

Irioids: picroside

Ketosteroids: onocer-7-ene-3α,21β-diol, onocer-7-ene-3β,21α-diol, 7-oxoonocer-8-ene-3β,21α-diol

Phenolics: Gallic acid, 3-O-methylgallic acid, Propyl gallate, Gallic acid 3-O-gallate, 2-O-Feruloyl tartaric acid, Vanillic acid 4-sulphate, Trans-5-O-caffeoyl-D-quinic acid, 3,3′,4,4′-tetrahydroxybiphenyl

Phytosterol: Stigmastanol, β-Sitosterol, Campesterol

Other Polyphenols: Coumarin

Stilbebes: Astringin, Resveratrol, Pterostilbene, Piceatannol, Pallidol, Parthenocissine A, and Quadrangularin A-C

Terpenoids: Friedelin, Cycloartenol acetate, Amyrin, Amyrone

Vitamins: Riboflavin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Cissus quadrangularis is generally well tolerated. Some people might experience headache, dry mouth, or insomnia. There is the possibility that Cissus may interact with (increase the effect of) medication intended to lower blood sugar.
If you are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant discuss your plans with your health care provider before starting any herbal supplement.  

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20g, 50g, 100g, 200g

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