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We started Linden Botanicals because we believe in the value of plant-based health and evidence-based medicine. We have spent years doing research on the uses and benefits of the plants we offer. Nature is our factory. The right terroir, geography, naturecrafting, time of year, and growth cycles make all the difference.

We source curated plants from reputable suppliers. In order to deliver the finest herbal teas and herbal extracts to our customers, we partner with the communities where our plants are grown and harvested. This commitment is part of our company’s DNA.

Ultimately, the main focus of our company is our customers. We are committed to the health, education, and wellbeing of the customers we serve.

We want you to optimize your physical, mental, and emotional health. Our particular expertise is in how to apply plant-based products to help you achieve this important goal. Throughout our site, you’ll find information about the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to give you the valuable tools and resources you need to enable you to become your best possible self.