Our Story

If you or someone you care about has suffered from chronic illness, you know how pernicious such an illness can be to your physical and mental health.

Michael Van der Linden, owner of Linden Botanicals, struggled with Lyme disease for almost four years. During that time, he sought advice from every corner and fell into all the common traps. Doctors ran numerous expensive tests and told him to try one expensive antibiotic after another. Others suffering from Lyme disease recommended magic cures and suggested he remediate environmental conditions like mold.

On top of health complications, long-lasting disease took its toll on his bank account, his ability to hold down a job, his social life, and even his sense of self worth. As is the case with many people who suffer from chronic illness, the results were devastating.

Lyme disease did more than dominate Michael’s life – Lyme disease became his life. He started to chase sickness.

Chasing sickness involves an endless loop of seeing doctors and specialists to diagnose each new symptom. It involves trying one costly new medication after the other (each with its own onslaught of side effects). It involves spending exhausting hours each week (or possibly even each day) scouring articles and forums in search of a magic bullet. Michael chased sickness for years.

Through research, Michael learned about a plant called Phyllanthus niruri. Phyllanthus niruri is from the Amazon rainforest, and it’s known for aiding kidney health. Lyme disease can affect every system and get into your central nervous system. Phyllanthus niruri originally helped him with a kidney stone (the plant’s other name, Chanca Piedra, means “stone breaker”). His research suggested the tea made from the plant might also be helpful for Lyme disease. And he was right.

You can read more about the 8 intentional steps Michael took to overcome chronic illness optimize his health here.

When Michael decided to start his new company, Linden Botanicals, he deliberately chose to offer a curated selection of teas, powders, and extracts. Rather than sell every tea under the sun, he chose only plants with significant research and science behind them. Phyllanthus niruri was the first tea and extract we selected because of his personal experience with it. The rest were selected after careful research to make sure they are effective and safe.

Today, we’re slowly and carefully expanding the line of teas and extracts we offer. We’re doing everything we can to make sure our products meet our customers specific health needs. We are grateful that we are able to help our customers optimize their health.