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Lessons from the Darkness — FREE EBOOK

Lessons from the Darkness

If you or someone you care about has suffered from chronic illness, you know how pernicious such an illness can be to your physical and mental health. Michael Van der Linden, owner of Linden Botanicals, struggled with Lyme disease for almost four years. During that time, he fell into all the common traps. He sought advice from every corner. Doctors told him to try one expensive medicine after another. Others suffering from Lyme disease suggested that he remediate environmental conditions like mold.

On top of health complications, long-lasting disease took its toll on his bank account, his ability to hold down a job, his social life, and even his sense of self worth. As is the case with many people who suffer from chronic illness, the results were devastating.

Stop Chasing Sickness

Lyme disease did more than dominate Michael’s life – Lyme disease became his life. He started to chase sickness.

Chasing sickness involves an endless loop of seeing doctors and specialists to diagnose each new symptom. It involves trying one costly new medication after the other (each with its own onslaught of side effects). It involves spending exhausting hours each week (or possibly even each day) scouring articles and forums in search of a magic bullet. Michael chased sickness for years.

Optimize Your Health. Start Now.

How did Michael finally overcome chronic illness? He took 8 intentional steps to stop chasing sickness and start pursuing health. Easier said than done, we know, which is why we’ve written about these 8 steps. (In fact, Michael’s experience with chronic illness is what led him to start the company in the first place.)

In this free guide, we’ll share Michael’s step-by-step strategies to help you cultivate a healthier way of living and a deeper sense of the importance of self-care and self-love.

Interview with Michael Van der Linden - Linden Botanicals

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