What Are the Best Nootropics to Optimize Brain Health?

What Are the Best Nootropics (Brain Food) -- and How Can They Help You Optimize Your Health

Nootropics teas enhance memory and cognition. Learn about the best nootropics to help you optimize brain health.

You may not have ever heard the word “nootropic.” Or maybe you’ve heard it but don’t fully understand what it is. Either way, here’s your chance to learn how nootropics can enhance cognition — and to learn about the best nootropics for optimizing your health.

First Thing’s First – What’s a Nootropic?

The term “nootropic” is a neologism crafted from the Greek words for mind (nous) and bend (trepein). The term was first coined in 1972 by Romanian psychologist and chemist Corneliu E. Giurgea. According to Giurgea, a nootropic has five traits:

  1. Enhance memory and learning ability
  2. Help the brain function under disruptive conditions
  3. Protect the brain from harmful chemical damage
  4. Improve neuronal firing mechanisms
  5. Lack any sedative, stimulant, or toxic effects

Nootropics Improve Cognitive Ability

In common parlance, the word “nootropic” is often loosely used to mean any compound that can improve cognitive ability. Examples include improving memory, speeding up mental processing, improving concentration, increasing motivation, or a combination of any of the above. Under this looser definition, products that have stimulant or toxic effects like caffeine and nicotine might be considered nootropics.

First, let’s be clear. If you’re interested in optimal health, then your selection of a nootropic should hew close to Giurgea’s definition. That means the nootropic you choose should have all 5 traits listed above. For example, make sure the nootropic protects your brain and doesn’t have any toxic effects (sorry nicotine, but you don’t make the cut).

Also, remember that the brain isn’t separate from your body. In previous posts, we’ve discussed the connection between your brain and your gut and the complex feedback loop between the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems. It stands to reason that optimizing your brain function will have a significant impact on your overall health, and vice versa.

How Nootropics May Help Optimize Brain Health

So how do nootropics help you optimize your health? In addition to enhancing memory and learning, they are often mood enhancers and anxiety reducers. They may also strengthen social ability and verbal fluidity, making large-group outings and public speaking less stressful.

Nootropics can also increase willpower and motivation. By improving focus and helping the body and brain deal with stress, nootropics can improve your ability to complete high-pressure cognitive work, such as preparing for exams or big presentations at work.

Furthermore, some nootropics can enhance the health value of physical exercise. By increasing motivation (and in some cases mitochondrial function), you can get more out of your workouts.

By helping to protect and balance brain and body functions, nootropics can help you improve your productivity levels and enjoyment of life. The right nootropics can provide invaluable support in your pursuit of optimal health.

The Best Nootropic Teas

Here’s a mind bender for you – all of the curated teas and extracts we sell are nootropics, and we believe they’re the best nootropics available.

Phyllanthus niruri, Ocimum sanctum, Paeonia lactiflora, Semen cuscutae, Bacopa monnieri, Cistanche tubulosa, Polygala tenuifolia, Terminalia chebula, and Vaccinium uliginosum all qualify as nootropics under Dr. Giurgea’s strict definitions.

Learn more about how these nootropic teas and extracts can help you optimize your health. (Also learn more about how to increase dopamine levels in order to improve brain health here.)

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