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Energy Boost Tea: Combat Fatigue with Cistanche

Looking to Combat Fatigue? Try This Energy Boost Tea.

Want more energy? Cistanche tubulosa energy boost tea is known for its anti-oxidation, endurance, and anti-fatigue activity.

Cistanche tubulosa makes a fantastic energy boost tea for whole body health. Used as an herbal therapeutic in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, it’s a nootropic, an adaptogen, and an antioxidant. A recent study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology calls Cistanche “One of the Best Pharmaceutical Gifts of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” highlighting the plant’s bio-activities, including anti-oxidation, neuroprotection, and anti-aging. A recent study published in Phytotherapy Research focuses on its anti-fatigue activity.

Cistanche is called Rou Cong-Rong in Chinese. We at Linden Botanicals like to call it Methuselah’s Breakfast. Remember Methuselah? The Bible says he lived until the ripe old age of 969, making him the longest-lived human in both legend and tradition.

The Many Health Benefits of Cistanche Tea

Cistanche tubulosa is considered to be a “yang invigorating” tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. Yang tonics enhance mitochondrial functional and antioxidant capacity. Mitochondria play a crucial role in energy metabolism. Improving mitochondrial function is beneficial to anyone looking to improve endurance or reduce fatigue. Studies have demonstrated that Cistanche extract can reduce muscle damage and improve ATP (cellular energy) storage.

It’s no wonder that Cistanche makes an excellent energy boost tea. Cistanche extracts are traditionally used to fight aging, increase longevity, help to prevent fatigue, and increase energy. It can also help maintain healthy metabolic function. However, the benefits of Cistanche don’t stop there.

In addition, Cistanche has shown promising effects on lowering blood pressure. It’s commonly used to prevent bone loss and strengthen bones, and Cistanche extracts may be able to improve brain health, sharpen the memory, and enhance practiced learning abilities. Furthermore, it is traditionally used to improve sexual health and stamina by boosting testosterone. Our product page has more information on the benefits and phytoconstituents of Cistanche tubulosa.

Looking for an Energy Boost Tea? Cistanche Is Hard to Beat.

Cistanche tubulosa extract has the potential to support the function of many body systems. In particular, its anti-aging and anti-fatigue properties can go a long way toward helping you optimize your health. And the extract makes a pretty fabulous energy boost tea. Linden Botanicals sells Cistanche extract  in 100 gram boxes (50 servings) as OOMPH! Energy Support. We also sell it in larger 200 gram to 1,000 gram sizes.

To learn more about Cistanche, a good place to start is with the Cistanche FAQ.

Read the FAQ Buy OOMPH! Buy Cistanche

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