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Herbs for Insomnia: Sleeping Life Hacks to Get the Sleep You Need

Herbs for Insomnia: Sleeping Life Hacks to Get the Sleep You Need - Linden Botanicals

Good sleep is critical to your health, yet many of us knowingly suffer from too little sleep. People are desperate for a good night’s rest, so it’s not surprising that we’re often asked about herbs for insomnia.

We wish that we could offer an herbal supplement that would optimize the quality of your sleep. However, because we care about your health and only offer products that we find safe and effective, we don’t currently offer a sleep aid. We are continuously researching new products, and if we find an herb that performs well and is safe for daily usage, we’ll be sure to add it to our list of offerings (and let you know about it).

Sleeping Life Hacks

Until we find the right herbal, here are 6 sleeping life hacks to help you get the rest you need:

  1. Respect Your Circadian Rhythm. Your body is hypersensitive to light. As important as it is to get enough light during the day, it is equally critical that you let your tired body continue its night time shut down. Even something as simple as using a nightlight to brush your teeth rather that blasting the full spectrum mirror light you installed, will make a difference.
  2. Go to Bed at the Same Time Every Night. Adjust your bed time to match your circadian rhythm. Set a bed time and stick with it. This may take practice and for those on shift work may be impossible but for everyone else it will be a great benefit.
  3. Forego the Weekend Sleep-In. I know, I know, that may be the best part of your week, but it’s actually crushing your sleep cycle. So get up and recreate, but get up even on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. Say Goodnight to the iWorld Before 9pm. The blue light from the screens disturbs your natural melatonin production, and the mental stimulus from your Facebook Likes (or the absence thereof) really isn’t worth the lost sleep.
  5. Finish Eating Way Before Bedtime. Finish your last meal at least an hour and a half before going to bed. Indigestion and nausea are fabulous sleep disruptors. Further, you should be fasting by 9 p.m.
  6. Control Your Breathing. Yes, controlled breathing can help you fall asleep. Pranayama is an ancient Ayuvedic practice that eases the body and mind into a state of calm and relaxation.

Sleep is critically important. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, try these sleeping life hacks They have the potential to start you on the path to better sleep. Also consider herbs for insomnia — particularly Polygala tenuifolia.

Herbs for Insomnia: Try Polygala Extract

Polygala tenuifolia is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s thought that the root can empower the sleep process by discharging repressed emotions and relaxing the body. It’s also often recommended for geriatric concerns because of its ability to improve memory and protect against cognitive ailments.

Known as the “will strengthener,” Polygala is thought to relax the soul, calm the heart, and ease restlessness and anxiety. Adherents believe it improves creative thinking and enhances dreaming and manifested ideas. The Chinese name Yuan Zhi translates to “high aspirations.” It is valued for its reputed ability to provide protection to the brain.

Those are just a few of the reasons we love Polygala vs. all the other supposed herbs for insomnia in the marketplace. Get the facts, and then decide for yourself if Polygala might be right for you.


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