Immune Support Supplements FAQ

Welcome to Our ShieldsUp! and Immune Support Supplements FAQ!

Linden Botanicals ShieldsUp! Immune Health Support Kits include six healthy, all-natural herbal supplements. This proprietary collection is designed to:

  • Strengthen the body’s immune defenses
  • Inhibit the lifecycle of common viruses
  • Fight colds, flus, coughs, and invading pathogens
  • Bolster the respiratory tract
  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Protect against overactive immune response inflammation

Each ShieldsUp! herbal extract kit contains 20 gram packets of these six immune support supplements:

  • Cistus incanus (Rock Rose)
  • Phyllanthus niruri (Chanca Piedra)
  • Rosa rugosa (Rose Hips)
  • Agarikon mushroom (Laricifomes officinalis)
  • Torilis japonica (Japanese hedge parsley)
  • L-lysine

To learn more about immune support supplements and about our ShieldsUp! Immune Health Support Kits, check out the valuable resources and frequently asked questions below.

“The Elixir of Long Life”

Anti-fatigue, anti-aging, antidepressant, and neuroprotective properties. It’s a global favorite.

“Rock Rose”

Well-studied antibacterial, antiviral, and biofilm-breaking properties. Ameliorates cold and flu symptoms.

“The World’s Healthiest Tea”

100+ bioactive compounds. No other plant in the world offers as many health benefits. It’s our flagship product.

“The Apothecary Rose”

Antioxidant with high levels of vitamin C. Known the world round for its anti-inflammation and anti-aging properties.

(Japanese Hedge Weed)

“The Dainty Shield”

Has effective antiviral and antibacterial agents that support healthy immune and inflammation response.

6 Extracts in One Kit

Harness the power of nature to support your immune system with six well-studied, time-tested herbal supplements.



What do ShieldsUp! Kits contain?

ShieldsUp Kits contain an 8 ounce, food-safe tin, a 6 gram scoop, and 20 gram packets of L-lysine and 5 herbal extracts – Cistus incanus, Phyllanthus niruri, Rosa rugosa (Rose Hips), Agarikon mushroom (Laricifomes officinalis),  and Torillis japonica (Japanese Hedge Parsley).

Is there a serving suggestion?

Pour each individual pack into the enclosed food-safe tin. Stir the mixture after each addition to blend well. Your kit includes a 3 gram scoop. Mix 1 scoop twice a day into warm water, juice, or a smoothie. (Smoothie recipes on our website.) If desired, you can also mix 1 scoop of herbal mixture with 1 teaspoon honey, add the mixture to warm water, and drink it as a tea.

You could mix Cistus incanus, Phyllanthus niruri, and Rosa rugosa as early support to discourage viruses and then add Agarikon, Torilis japonica, and L-lysine once you have been exposed to a virus.

What are immune support supplements?

Overall, your immune system does a good job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails: A germ invades and makes you sick. Sometimes the germ is novel, and your body has no innate immunity to it.

Our immune support supplements may assist the immune system in its day-to-day defense against disease. The right herbal supplements may be able to help your immune system function optimally. For example, Torilis japonica might contribute to the body’s natural response to outside stress like infection, illness, or injury. Rosa rugosa provides an excellent source of Vitamin C, which can contribute to the effectiveness of the body’s immune response.

The immune system is complex. Proving that an herb can support immunity is also complex. First, disregard miracle cures. Second, do the research. Start with the hundreds of resources on our site, but don’t stop there.

For example, you can find hundreds of articles on Cistus incanus and Phyllanthus niruri in respected medical journals and on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website. Read some of them. Decide for yourself if the science seems to back the immune system support a particular plant seems to offer. Then determine if that herbal supplement may prove helpful for you.

Can ShieldsUp Kits cure COVID-19 and other viruses?


Many of us come across tricksters offering magic potions that will cure COVID-19. We see the pop-up ads. We see the ads in our social media feed. False promises and fake cures abound.

Viruses are scary, and tricksters love the smell of fear. They know who to prey upon. Some market capsules and tinctures. In place of science and research, some offer slick marketing pitches that persuade desperate people to part with their cash.

Many bottles of pills and herbal preparations claim to “boost immunity.” This is a problematic claim. Actually boosting the immune response to a pathogen to which the body has no natural immunity can cause a type of cytokine storm that could prove deadly. Now more than ever, it’s smart to be wary of “immune boosting” claims.

For example, extensive published scientific research exists on our two favorite herbal teas and extracts, Cistus incanus and Phyllanthus niruri. However, even that research is not definitive. While the science suggests that Cistus incanus and Phyllanthus niruri can help protect the body against infection and disease, these plants are not “immune boosting” agents.

Phyllanthus niruri is an immunomodulator that can help quell an overactive immune response. Cistus incanus provides immune system support by interfering with viral binding strategies. We suggest that you look for immune support, not an immune boost.

And if someone offers you a  magic cure for COVID-19 or for any virus, walk away. It’s as simple as that.

Why are the 6 immune support supplements packaged separately?

The 6 extracts are in separate packs so you can choose how best to support your immune system health. If you have a known allergy, a previous adverse reaction, or a health condition that suggests you should not use one or more of these extracts, customize your usage accordingly.

How did you choose the six immune support supplements in ShieldsUp! Kits?

Recent scientific studies suggest that Cistus incanus, Phyllanthus niruri, Rosa rugosa, Agarikon (Laricifomes officinalis), and Torilis japonica are among the most promising immune support supplements in the world. These five herbal extracts that have the potential to optimize immune system health and overall wellness.

We sell four of these immune support supplements individually in our online store. In addition, our ShieldsUp! Immune Health Support Kits contain all six of these extracts.

Can you tell me more about Cistus incanus extract?

Cistus incanus offers significant immune support and scientifically proven relief of cold and flu symptoms. It’s a global favorite and our best-selling product. Read the Cistus incanus FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Phyllanthus niruri extract?

Phyllanthus niruri (Chanca Piedra) helps to balance the immune system. It has antiviral, antimalarial, and antibacterial properties. Phyllanthus is the reason we started the companyRead the Phyllanthus niruri FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Rosa rugosa extract?

Rosa rugosa (Rose Hips) is an antioxidant with high levels of vitamin C and other bioactives to enhance immune response and control inflammation. It’s known the world round for its anti-inflammation and anti-aging properties. Read the Rosa rugosa FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Agarikon extract?

Agarikon mushroom (Laricifomes officinalis) is traditionally used to enhance the immune system and protect against viral infections. Read the Agarikon FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Torilis japonica extract?

Torilis japonica (Japanese hedge parsley) has effective antiviral and antibacterial agents that support healthy immune and inflammation response. Read more about Torilis japonica.

Can you tell me more about L-lysine?

L-lysine is an amino acid that inhibits viral replication and blocks receptors involved in stress response.

Do the immune support supplements in ShieldsUp! Kits have caffeine?


Do you also sell the ShieldsUp! immune support supplements individually?

You can purchase Cistus incanus, Phyllanthus niruri, Rosa rugosa, and Agarikon extracts in our online store.

What if I have more questions about ShieldsUp! Kits or immune support supplements?

Reach out!