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Looking for natural anxiety relief? Try all-natural Polygala tenuifolia extract, a favorite in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis is a primary endocrine adaptor that is usually activated by several stressors, resulting in high levels of glucocorticoids (GC) in blood. During normal conditions, the levels of glucocorticoids in circulating blood are often regulated by feedback mechanisms that occur within the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

However, people diagnosed with anxiety disorders usually exhibit abnormally high levels of GC concentrations in their blood. This increase occurs due to chronic stress that results in the dysfunction of the axis. The HPA axis, alongside its negative feedback mechanism, plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of stress-related psychiatric conditions such as anxiety. Alterations within the feedback mechanism significantly influence human behavior that is often mimicked by anxiety symptoms.

Using Polygala for Natural Anxiety Relief

Polygala offers natural anxiety relief that helps to alleviate behaviors associated with anxiety and depression. Polygala tenuifolia is a native medicinal herb that has been widely used in countries such as Korea and China. The herb is widely known for its range of biological effects on the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). Studies in animal models show that the herb can exhibit the effects of antidepressants.

Polygala in Promoting a Positive Mood

Neuroplasticity is a fundamental element in regulating one’s mood. Besides offering natural anxiety relief,  Polygala tenuifolia exhibits powerful neuroplasticity induction activities. Studies have linked low mood to hippocampal atrophy. Polygala, a powerful neuroplasticity enhancer, may aid in reversing atrophy in the hippocampus, which can help to promote positive moods among humans. Moreover, serotonin and dopamine play a key role in motivation.

Polygala in Promoting Focus

It is difficult to remain focused and motivated at all times. Luckily, the natural anxiety relief this herb may provide has the potential to enhance energy levels and focus by nudging norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin levels in the brain. Its properties have made it a favorite extract among students studying large amounts of information. Unlike caffeinated drinks, Polygala tenuifolia exhibits both stimulating and calming properties simultaneously. The plant is also popular for alleviating stress.

Another factor that makes this plant a favorite is its ability to enhance sleep. This feature is attributed to the herb’s bioactive compounds, including tenuifolin. Tenuifolin is also responsible for providing natural anxiety relief and calming properties.

Polygala for Memory Enhancement

Age-associated factors can result in learning and memory disorders. Adherents of traditional Chinese medicine have used the roots of Polygala to promote memory enhancement. A study conducted in mice revealed that impaired memory among mice was reversed through consumption of Polygala extract.

In addition, the bioactive compounds in the herb may help to increase SOD (superoxide dismutase) and CAT (catalase) activities in the brain, which helps to promote focus. It also inhibits AChE (Acetylcholinesterase) and MAO (monoamine oxidase) and reduces MDA (malondialdehyde) levels in the brains, which scavenges free radicals to relieve oxidative stress.

Polygala for Natural Anxiety Relief

Polygala offers a long list of health benefits such as natural anxiety relief. The bioactive contents in the plant interact with the nervous, integumentary, renal, respiratory, and circulatory systems to improve the health outcomes.

We sell Polygala tenuifolia extract in a 100 gram size (50 servings) as OM! Mood Support. We also sell the extract in 200-1,000 gram sizes. To learn more about Polygala, a good place to start is with the Polygala FAQ.

Read the FAQ Buy Polygala Buy OM!

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