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Nootropic Supplements FAQ

Brainstorm Nootropic Kits - All-Natural Nootropics for Brain Health from Linden Botanicals

Welcome to Our BrainStorm and Nootropic Supplements FAQ!

Linden Botanicals BrainStorm Nootropic Brain Health Support Kits include five healthy, all-natural nootropic supplements. This proprietary collection:

  • Offers a synergistic combination of nootropics
  • Supports mental clarity and focus
  • Provides memory and mood support
  • Bolsters cellular and mental energy
  • Protects against free radical damage
  • Supports healthy brain function

Each BrainStorm herbal extract kit contains 20 gram packets of these five nootropic supplements:

  • Cistanche tubulosa (Rou Cong Rong) offers significant neuro-health support and support to cellular energy.
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) is traditionally used to enhance immune health and protect against viral infections.
  • Semen cuscutae (Tu Si Zi) supports brain, central nervous system, and eye health. It is neuroprotective and neurotrophic.
  • Polygala tenuifolia (Yuan Zhi) supports clarity of thought, mood, creative thinking, and enhanced dreaming.
  • Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry) supports short-term memory and clarity and protects against free radicals.

To learn more about nootropic supplements and about our BrainStorm Nootropic Brain Health Support Kits, check out the valuable resources and frequently asked questions below.

(Cistanche tubulosa)

“Methuselah’s Breakfast”

Anti-fatigue, anti-aging, antidepressant, and neuroprotective properties. It’s a global favorite.

(Terminalia chebula)

“The King of All Medicines”

Nootropic support for memory and learning as well as digestive health, joint health, and osteoarthritic support.

(Tu Si Zi)

“The Longevity Herb”

Nootropic support for brain health, nervous system health, hormonal balance, and sexual and reproductive health.

(Yuan Zhi)

“The Will Strengthener”

Helps with mood, creative thinking, and focus. This special nootropic supports new brain cell growth.

(Bog Blueberry; Bilberry)

“The Brain Berry”

A rich natural source of anthocyanins. It may improve memory and lower the risk of cognitive decline.


5 Herbal Extracts in One Kit

Harness the power of nature to support your brain health with five well-studied, time-tested nootropic supplements.

What is a nootropic?

A nootropic may help to improve cognitive ability, memory, concentration, and creativity. It has the potential to improve mood and reduce anxiety, increase willpower and motivation, and reduce levels of social discomfort.

Where does the word come from?

“Nootropic” is a word formed from the Greek words “nous,” meaning “mind” or “intellect,” and “trepein,” meaning “bend.”

How is a nootropic defined, exactly?

The term “nootropic” was coined by psychologist and chemist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, who stated that a true nootropic does the following: (1) enhances memory and learning ability; (2) helps the brain resist learned behaviors and disruptive memories; (3) protects the brain from harmful physical or chemical injury or damage; (4) enhances the efficiency of brain functions; and (5) lacks any sedative, stimulant, or toxic side effects.

Is caffeine a nootropic?

If you’re interested in optimal health, then you should probably choose a real nootropic, one that meets all five of Giurgea’s criteria listed above. For example, a true nootropic protects your brain and doesn’t have any toxic, sedative, or stimulant effects. In other words, nicotine and caffeinated coffee don’t make the cut.

More to the point, optimizing your brain function in a natural way with no harmful side effects often has a significant positive impact on your overall health, just as optimizing your physical and immune system health often has a corresponding significant positive impact on your brain function.

Why are the 5 nootropic supplements packaged separately?

The 5 herbal extracts are in separate packs so you can choose how best to support your neuro health. If you have a known allergy, a previous adverse reaction, or a health condition that suggests you should not use one or more of these extracts, customize your usage accordingly.

Do you have any serving suggestions?

Suggested Usage: Blend Cistanche tubulosa, Terminalia chebula and Vaccinium uliginosum into the Morning Mix pouch. Blend Polygala tenuifolia and Semen cuscutae into the Nighttime Mix pouch. Zip seal and shake the pouches well to blend the mixture. The Morning Mix serving size is 1/2 teaspoon. The Nighttime Mix serving size is 1/3 teaspoon. Put the measured amount of mix into hot water or cold fruit juice. Drink the Morning Mix serving on an empty stomach in the morning. Drink the Nighttime Mix serving at night before bedtime.

How did you choose the five nootropic supplements in BrainStorm Kits?

Recent scientific studies suggest Cistanche tubulosa (Rou Cong Rong), Polygala tenuifolia (Yuan Zhi), Semen cuscutae (Dodder Seed), Terminalia chebula (Haritaki), and Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry) are among the most promising nootropics in the world. These natural nootropic herbal extracts that have the potential to optimize brain health and help improve memory, focus, and intention

We sell each of these nootropic supplements individually in our online store. In addition, our BrainStorm Nootropic Brain Health Support Kits contain all five of these extracts.

Can you tell me more about Cistanche tubulosa extract?

A recent study in Frontiers in Pharmacology suggests Cistanche tubulosa extract demonstrates antidepressant-like effects on chronic stress. The study addresses the health benefits of Cistanche tubulosa, including its antidepressant-like effects through its ability to restore gut microbiota homeostasis. In the study, a chronic unpredictable stress-induced depression model was established to explore the impact of Cistanche tubulosa extract on behavioral tests and gut microbiota composition.

The study concluded that Cistanche “is a potential treatment for depressive symptoms by restoring homeostasis of gut microbiota for microbiota–gut–brain axis disorders, opening new avenues in the field of neuropsychopharmacology.” Other research shows it may enhance mitochondrial functional and antioxidant capacity, which may improve longevity and endurance and reduce fatigue. Read the Cistanche FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Haritaki extract?

Haritaki has a wide variety of constituents believed to affect cognition. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and is used to support treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

A study published in Advances in Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences indicates that Haritaki extract shows AChEI and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which may be relevant to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Read the Haritaki FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Semen cuscutae extract?

Semen cuscutae extract may exhibit protective activity against chemically induced memory deficit, as well as protect against oxidative damage and neuroinflammation. Semen cuscutae extract may also be able to help rescue damaged brain synapses. Semen cuscutae may be beneficial for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Semen cuscutae may help to alleviate memory loss by rescuing caspase-3-mediated synaptic damage in Alzheimer’s disease treatment. The extract may also show protective activity against induced memory deficit. Read the Semen cuscutae FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Polygala tenuifolia extract?

A 2021 study published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies evaluated cognitive function, neural damages, and hippocampal neurogenesis and revealed that Polygala tenuifolia may reduce cognitive deficits and protect against cognitive decline. In the study, the constituent, 3,6′-disinapoyl sucrose (DISS), triggered a potent increase of hippocampal neurogenesis in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. DISS strengthened APP-neural stem cell proliferation and neuronal differentiation, and DISS treatment for four weeks showed the capability to attenuate cognitive deficits, neuronal injures, and neurogenesis disorder.

Polygala is one of the best nootropic supplements because its potential ability to promote neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation puts it in a special category of nootropics that supports new brain cell growth. Read the Polygala FAQ.

Can you tell me more about Vaccinium uliginosum extract?

A 2021 study published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences indicates that anthocyanins, a type of flavonoids found in Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry) and some other berries, may help to lower the risk of developing cognitive decline. Significant improvements were observed on memory, while some of the studies also reported effects on attention and psychomotor speed or executive function.

Compounds in Vaccinium seem to jumpstart the brain, helping aging neurons communicate again. Read the Vaccinium FAQ.

Do the nootropic supplements in BrainStorm Kits have caffeine?


Do you also sell the 5 BrainStorm nootropic supplements individually?

Yes. You can purchase Cistanche, Haritaki, Semen cuscutae, Polygala, and Vaccinium extracts in our online store.

What if I have more questions about BrainStorm Kits or nootropic supplements generally?

Reach out!