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Hawthorn Tea for Heart Health


The heart health benefits of Hawthorn in tea include reduced oxidative stress and substantial cardiovascular endurance support. It’s included in our CardiAce Heart Health Support Kits.

What Is Hawthorn?

Hawthorn, also known as Crataegus monogyna, is a deciduous hedge tree that flowers, producing edible red or orange fruits. The berries and leaves of the Hawthorn plant are processed to make an herbal extract, which is known for its support for cardiovascular health. The herb contains flavonoids that help maintain healthy heart rhythm and healthy blood pressure.

Hawthorn Tea for Heart Health

Hawthorn berry has traditionally been used to provide heart health support for irregular heartbeat, and high blood pressure, and chest pain. It is also used to support treatment for circulatory disorders and respiratory illnesses. Hawthorn extract can be used to make an herbal tea, which may help support a healthy heart and regulate blood pressure.

Flavonoid and pectin constituents in the herbal extract may lower blood cholesterol levels and protect coronary artery flow. Peroxidation of cholesterol leads to vascular plaque. Plaque buildup in the blood and body tissues can increase the effort needed to circulate blood. Drinking hawthorn tea can lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels by limiting the buildup of plaque in the carotid artery.

Furthermore, the oxidation of the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is well known to play an important role in arterial disease. Hawthorn extract may help lower blood lipid levels and significantly reduce the ratio between low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and serum cholesterol.

The flavonoids in Hawthorn tea also seem to improve blood circulation and affect blood flow from the heart, improving overall circulation. Some studies have concluded that Hawthorn may provide hearth health benefits by improving the efficiency of the heart at a cellular and molecular level.

Hawthorn Support for Health and Wellness

In addition to being rich in bioflavonoids and polyphenols, Hawthorn tea is also rich in particular oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs). OPCs are a type of antioxidant that enhances the activity of vitamins A, C, and E. OPCs also help improve circulation, strengthen capillaries, reduce inflammation, and support immune system health.

OPCs are effective antioxidants for the brain and nerve tissue, and they may enhance connective tissue health. They have also been shown to reduce histamine production, making them useful in the treatment of allergies.

Drinking Hawthorn tea may also help reduce joint pain and support healthy digestive function. Regular use may improve the heart’s exercise tolerance. Hawthorn’s unique polysaccharides can help the body maintain a healthy balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. This may be the reason that some studies suggest that Hawthorn may help reduce anxiety.

Learn More About Hawthorn Tea

Hawthorn extract shows promise as a highly effective cardiovascular support and anti-inflammatory agent that may support the health of all major body systems. Due to its broad-spectrum activity, Hawthorn could be a highly beneficial supplement to health protocols for anyone seeking to improve cardiac function and optimize overall health.

Linden Botanicals sells Hawthorn as an individual herbal extract and as one of five heart health herbal extracts in CardiAce Heart Health Support Kits. CardiAce Kits are a proprietary collection of five time-tested heart health herbal supplements designed to support vascular health and healthy heart function, bolster mitochondrial energy, improve cardiac stress tolerance, and protect against free radical damage.

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