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Health Made Simple Solutions FAQs

Find answers to questions about our Health Made Simple supplements!

We have traveled the globe to find healthy extracts that provide immune support, stress relief, energy support, memory support, mood support, kidney support, joint support, digestive support, inflammation support, hormonal balance support, and detox/cleanse support.

Linden Botanicals Health Made Simple supplements include many of our healthy herbal extracts in convenient 100g serving (50 serving) sizes.

Each playful, colorful, eco-friendly box contains a 100g pouch filled with a healthy herbal extract. Our product packaging makes it easy to choose and remember which healthy herbal extract is right for you.

Health Made Simple Supplements FAQ

Health Made Simple Supplements

We believe it’s important to provide information about the science behind our Health Made Simple Supplements and all of our healthy herbal teas and extracts. We encourage you to learn everything you can about the ways our products can help you optimize your health. A good place to start is with the individual product FAQ pages for each of our Health Made Simple supplements. These pages highlight the potential health benefits of each herbal extract and cite representative sources for the information we share.

You can also search for peer-reviewed, scientific studies on the herbal teas and extracts we sell on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. On our website, you will also find hundreds of valuable health tips and resources and our free Lessons from the Darkness e-book.