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Beat the Holiday Blues with Our Free E-Book

Beat the Holiday Blues with Our Free E-BookGot the holiday blues? You’re not alone. Read our free e-book, which provides lessons from the darkness.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from chronic illness, depression, anxiety, or the holiday blues, you know how pernicious suffering can be to both physical and mental health. Even the most difficult journeys can feel tougher during the holiday season.

Linden Botanicals owner Michael Van der Linden struggled with Lyme disease for almost four years. He sought advice from every corner. Doctors prescribed one expensive medicine after another. Fellow Lyme sufferers suggested that he remediate environmental conditions like mold. Each week he scoured articles and forums in search of a magic cure.

On top of health complications, long-lasting disease took its toll on his bank account, his ability to hold down a job, his social life, and even his self esteem.

Life Strategies to Optimize Your Well-Being

After suffering for 4 years, Michael got well. How did he do it? He took intentional, positive steps to optimize his physical, mental, and emotional health.

Valuable life strategies helped him, and they can help you too. We would like to share these strategies for emerging from the darkness of depression, anxiety, or illness. In our free Lessons from the Darkness e-book, we’ll show you how to beat the holiday blues, improve your coping mechanisms, and actively pursue better health.

You’ll gain insights into how to:

  • Align your body and mind
  • Heal yourself with the right foods
  • Still your mind to improve your health
  • Be mindful of your environment
  • Seek support (community matters!)
  • Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself — this is probably the most important lesson of all. For many, this is the season for feeling sad, isolated, and alone. With the right tools and guidance, it can become the season for feeling greater compassion toward others AND toward yourself.

Beat the Holiday Blues

You (or your loved ones) have been in the dark too long. By learning how to leave the darkness behind, you will be able to free yourself from limitations and move beyond the struggle to feel better. It’s time for you to shine. As it turns out, we are all made of stars.

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