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Phyllanthus Tea: Healthy, All-Natural Herbal Tea

Phyllanthus niruri Powder Makes a Fast, Healthy Immune Support Tea (Linden Botanicals)

Want to make a healthy, all-natural herbal tea to support immune health? Try Phyllanthus tea (Chanca Piedra).

Phyllanthus niruri Is the World’s Healthiest Tea

Phyllanthus niruri may make the healthiest tea in the world. Also called Chanca Piedra and Stone Breaker, it has 100+ bioactive compounds. Best known for helping to eliminate kidney stones and gall stones, Phyllanthus tea and Phyllanthus niruri herbal extract are also traditionally used worldwide to address chronic illnesses.

A strong, functional immune system is vital for good health. It’s your body’s only natural defense against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and diseases. Phyllanthus niruri is a member of a rare and remarkable group of plants called adaptogens, which help the body adapt to physical, chemical, biological, emotional, and environmental stress. Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea and extract can help the body deal with inflammation, hypertension, and oxidative stress.

Phyllanthus Tea for Immune Support

Phyllanthus niruri has traditionally been used to help the immune and lymphatic systems combat viruses and bacteria. Drinking tea made from Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea and extract block the RNA and DNA transferase, slowing or even stopping bacteria and viruses from multiplying and allowing a more balanced immune system to deal with the remaining invaders.

Phyllanthus niruri supports balanced immune system function, strengthening weak systems and calming overactive ones. As a result, it helps the body avoid damaging inflammation and auto-immune diseases. It supports a healthy microbiome, selectively inhibiting the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria without affecting gut-friendly flora.

Powder vs. Whole Herb

Loose-cut whole herb teas or powdered herbs – what’s the difference?

Loose-cut whole herb and powdered herb are simply different grind levels of the same plant. If you like making a slow brew decoction and like to see the plant’s stem, leaves, and flowers, you may prefer the loose-cut form. A finer grind is more convenient for making single servings. If you want a faster brew of a fine grind, you may prefer the powder form.

Learn More About Phyllanthus Tea

Phyllanthus niruri has been used for thousands of years to address a variety of chronic illnesses and is the subject of more than 1,600 scientific studies. You can familiarize yourself with the research by visiting the NIH site and searching on “Phyllanthus niruri” or “Chanca Piedra.” Here are some additional resources to help you learn more about this amazing plant:

The science suggests  that Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea and herbal extract can support a balanced immune system and have a significant impact on your overall health. We like to drink our Phyllanthus niruri tea each day. As we like to say, that’s some good tea!

Note: In 2022, we modified our tea cut to make it finer (about 3mm mesh). This modification narrowed the difference between our loose cut Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea and our Phyllanthus niruri powder. As a result, we no longer offer the powdered plant material form of Phyllanthus niruri. Instead, we offer both the loose cut herbal tea and the herbal extract forms of Phyllanthus niruri.

To learn more, a good place to start is with the Phyllanthus niruri FAQ.

Read the FAQ Buy Phyllanthus

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