Post COVID Stress: Strategies for Coping

Post-COVID Stress Is Common -- but It Doesn't Have to Be Your New Normal - Linden Botanicals

Emerging studies and literature are exploring and predicting post-COVID stress symptoms and disorders. Ocimum tea may help.

Post COVID Stress Is All Too Common

There’s no doubt that living within the parameters of COVID for the past year has affected the entire world’s mental health in countless negative ways. It may be no surprise then that emerging studies and literature are exploring and predicting the emergence of post-COVID stress symptoms and disorders.

Varied perspectives have emerged about post-COVID stress as a result of living during the COVID pandemic. Everyone has experienced the darkness that has overshadowed our lives in different ways. “[S]tressors adding to individuals’ emotional burdens [include] social isolation, unemployment and economic losses, and working from home while caring for children and other family members,” writes Dr. Phebe Tucker and Dr. Christopher S. Czapla in their recent article in Psychiatric Times.

COVID itself has caused stress. Other factors, such as social distancing and lack of in-person connections, financial insecurity, and job losses, may make that stress even worse.

Some people have been most affected in their home lives, while others have struggled the most in their workplace and careers. Tucker and Czapla further explain, “Among health care workers, strains include lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), fears of virus exposure, burnout, patients perishing despite heroic efforts to save them, and difficult decisions about which patients should receive limited resources. A few studies have examined post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS), as well as anxiety, depression and other symptoms, and substance use in the general population during the pandemic.”

Even if you’re not a health care worker and even if you’re fully employed and healthy, you may still be experiencing COVID stress or post COVID stress. Over the past year, the world changed dramatically. It has been a lot to process and take in.

Post COVID Stress Doesn’t Have to Be Your New Normal

Experiencing some anxiety and stress right about now is probably pretty normal. However, it doesn’t have to become your new normal.

While stress is a major contributor to mental, physical and spiritual health, there are many ways to help manage the effects of stress, including regular consumption of Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil) tea. Preventative measures, such as drinking Ocimum tea daily, may help you manage stress before it begins to affect your overall health and well-being.

Ocimum is known as the Queen of Herbs, and it makes an excellent stress management tea. This traditional medicinal plant found in India is considered sacred by the Hindus for its legendary healing properties and the stress management support it provides. Its Sanskrit name, Tulsi, means “incomparable one.”

Ocimum is an adaptogenic herb, which helps the body combat stress and enables it to function normally during traumatic periods. Ocimum helps maintain the balance of the nerves and may boost energy. You can read more about its many benefits here.

In short, Ocimum tea can’t magically change your mood, but it may moderate cortisol to help protect body systems during stressful times.

Take Care of You, and Drink Your Ocimum Tea!

Post COVID stress is real, and it can have a profound effect on your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. These are strange times indeed. Take care of yourself, and give your body all the support it needs.

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