Post Pandemic Reentry Anxiety — and Next Steps

post pandemic reentry anxiety -

As the world begins to reopen, many people are understandably having trouble adjusting to the “new normal” and are experiencing post pandemic reentry anxiety.

After more than a year of quarantine and pandemic restrictions, the world is starting to open up again as vaccinations become more available. So, let’s just address the elephant in the room. While most of us are relieved and excited, others are beginning to experience post pandemic reentry anxiety. Our social skills have diminished, many experiences are new again, and even driving may seem difficult as our lives and schedules pick up speed.

Covid 19 has been a traumatic event in which the population around the world has experienced a loss of food, safety, access to medical treatment, employment, and unfortunately, loved ones. In an article in MedPage Today, Psychologist Dr. Deborah Serani says, “While some people can shift from a traumatic event with moderate ease, there will be many who experience re-entry anxiety – where the adjustment to the new-normal causes anxiety, insecurity, depression, and perhaps even re-traumatization.”

Each unique person has experienced and coped with the overall chaos brought on by COVID 19 in various ways. It has wreaked havoc on health, relationships, careers, mental health, and even weddings, vacations, and dreams.

In a study conducted to define the stressors caused by the pandemic, researchers found, “a network of interconnected symptoms, a COVID stress syndrome, with fear of the dangerousness of the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the core, interconnecting to socio-economic concerns, xenophobia, traumatic stress symptoms and compulsive checking and reassurance seeking.” In turn, these stressors have expressed themselves through panic buying, excessive alcohol consumption, overeating and/or overindulging, and other negative ways of coping with isolation.

While these studies paint a dark picture of the situation, there is still hope and strength offered through preventative and accessible methods to help manage and ease anxiety.

Managing Post Pandemic Reentry Anxiety With Ocimum Tea

Since almost half of Americans feel anxious about in-person interactions when the pandemic is over, it is helpful to explore and experiment with different methods for managing and easing reentry anxiety.

One easy, affordable and healthy way to soothe anxiety is with regular consumption of Ocimum tea, also known as Holy Basil.

As an adaptogenic, nootropic, and antioxidant, Ocimum tea can help the body adapt to life’s stresses and enable the body to function normally during traumatic periods. It can help keep normal levels of cortisol in the body so you feel less anxious.

Drinking Ocimum tea may also offer psychological benefits, such as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant activity with effects comparable to diazepam and antidepressant drugs.

Now is the perfect time to start healing and easing post pandemic reentry anxiety with Ocimum tea. Visit our shop to order your AHHH! -Stress Relief Support today.

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