Restore Gut Health with Terminalia chebula

Restore Gut Health - Terminalia chebula - Haritaki

Looking to restore gut health? Consider supporting this worthy goal with an herbal extract like Terminalia chebula.

In recent years, researchers have increased their focus on gut bacteria and gut health. The more we learn, the more many of us begin to think differently about the bacteria that live in the gut.

Researchers globally are exploring the health benefits of bacteria that reside in our GI tract to establish their relationship with common lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and obesity. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than 70 million people in the U.S. are struggling with digestive conditions resulting from an unhealthy gut. Modern science recommends that people restore gut health as one of many ways to help prevent co-morbid diseases.

Reasons to Restore Gut Health

We all have experienced digestive issues at some point. These are common symptoms that show your gut is unhealthy, from abdominal pain to loose stools, heartburns, vomiting, and bloating. If any of these symptoms persist, you may need to consult your physician before other digestive conditions occur.

Foods are usually broken down in a healthy gut to simpler forms for absorption in the bloodstream. A healthy gastrointestinal tract contains normal flora and immune cells that protect the body from pathogenic fungi, bacteria, and viruses. All of these gut functions contribute to the general wellbeing of the body and may not be possible when your gut is unhealthy.

It’s critically important to consume foods that improve and restore gut health.

Terminalia chebula Gut Health Support

The Ayurvedic Materia Medica refers to Terminalia chebula as the “King of Medicines” due to its wide range of medicinal benefits. Terminalia chebula, also called Haritaki and Myrobalan, is native to Sri Lanka, South Asia, and China. It contains the following phytochemicals that may help to improve and restore gut health:

  • Chebulagic acid
  • Chebulinic acid
  • Gallic acid
  • Ellagic acid
  • Tannic acid
  • Corilagin
  • Polyphenolic compounds
  • Triterpenoids
  • Ascorbate

Extracts of Terminalia chebula have exhibited strong gastrointestinal effects in controlling stomach upsets, vomiting, and diarrhea. Its bioactive compounds may also increase the absorption of moisture in the stomach and boost stomach retention. Spectroscopic analysis of  Terminalia chebula revealed that it possesses strong inhibitory activity against pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Clostridium perfringens.

Furthermore, fruits of Terminalia chebula have exhibited strong antispasmodic and digestive laxative properties. Chebulagic acid is a significant bioactive ingredient that offers strong antibacterial and inhibitory activities against Helicobacter pylori. It also increases the percentage of gastric emptying. The herb has also shown strong protective properties on the gastrointestinal mucosa and improves Brunner’s glands’ secretory activities that can provide protection from duodenal ulcers.

All these properties can help to restore gut health and functions.

We Think You’ll Love Terminalia chebula

Terminalia chebula also offers a number of other health benefits. It’s an antioxidant and an adaptogen, and it may support treatment of bacterial infections such as urinary tract infections. Its benefits may include reduction of lipid levels, oxidative stress, joint pain and stiffness.

A healthy gut means a stronger immune system. Besides, it helps to ensure optimum food digestion and absorption that contribute significantly to the body’s general well-being. Consuming Terminalia chebula herbal extract can help to restore gut health and improve your body’s performance.

We sell Terminalia chebula extract in sizes of 200 grams (100 servings) and larger. We also sell it as GURGLE Digestive Health Support, which is part of our Health Made Simple line of smaller 100 gram extracts. And it’s part of our GUTSY Gut Health Kits. A good place to start is our Terminalia chebula FAQ. We love Terminalia chebula. We think you will too.

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