Solar Eclipse 2017: Lessons from the Darkness

Solar Eclipse 2017: Lessons from the Darkness

Solar Eclipse 2017: Lessons from the Darkness – Optimize your health so the darkness and shadow can pass.

It’s Monday, and I’m in the forest west of Casper, Wyoming. Watchful. Waiting. Nearly 500,000 other travelers have come to Wyoming to see what I’m about to see — the 2017 solar eclipse. The run up to today has been wild and crowded in a state known for its open spaces. The event itself will culminate in about two minutes of daytime darkness.

On NPR recently, an experienced eclipse watcher described the event we’re about to see like this: If you have a view westward, you can watch the landscape disappear as the shadow approaches and then engulfs you. Animals howl, people wail. The air goes cold, and in the midday darkness everything feels strange. Then a small bit of sun shines like a diamond promise ring around the moon’s silhouette. Light returns, and after a few minutes of inspired gratitude we all pack up and head back to our everyday lives.

As I listened to this story on the radio, I felt a deep resonance with my own journey through Lyme disease. My journey took years, not hours, but I recognized that feeling of darkness approaching. Years ago, I knew I had been tick bit, and I tested positive for Lyme. Over the next few months the landscape around me disappeared into the shadow of illness. I experienced an abiding sense of daytime darkness — the knowledge that things weren’t right in my world.

The human response to an eclipse can be anything from irrational to reverential. For millennia, the disappearance of the sun was seen as a harbinger of doom. The long struggle with a chronic illness can blot out the light in life. The shadow can engulf you. You actually might howl and wail. (Howling and wailing might be the least of what you want to do.) Everything feels strange.

But eventually the sun did return. The shadow left.

I am grateful that the shadow left and that I was able to find a way out of the darkness. It’s my strong desire to help others find a path to wellness that motivates all of the blogs we write at Linden Botanicals. You can read more about my journey here.

In the meantime, enjoy the show, stay safe, and get inspired to optimize your health so that your shadow can too pass.

With Gratitude,


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