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Stone Breaker Herb: Why We Love Chanca Piedra Tea

Stone Breaker Herb - Phyllanthus Niruri - Chanca Piedra - YIPPEE Kidney Health Support - Linden Botanicals

The most effective stone breaker herb we’ve found is Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) from the Peruvian Amazon.

We get a lot of questions about Chanca Piedra, so I thought I’d answer a few.

What Is a Stone Breaker Herb?

Chanca Piedra, also known as Phyllanthus niruri and Stone Breaker, is well-known for its use in helping to dissolve kidney stones. Drinking Chanca Piedra tea won’t technically break the kidney stone. Instead, it stops the accretion of calcium in the kidney, smooths the spiky surface of the stone, stops spasms, eases pain, and reduces the size of the stone so it can pass easily through your urine stream. By decreasing urinary oxalate and uric acid levels, it may also reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Research suggests that this stone breaker herb may also protect the liver, fight infections, and lower oxidative stress and inflammation. It may also effectively block the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, the compounds that make up kidney stones. Some studies suggest it may safely and effectively support treatment for hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Chanca Piedra is often used to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms, and block inflammation. One of the active compounds in Chanca Piedra, geraniin, appears to inhibit neurotransmitters that relay pain signals, and studies suggest it may be more powerful as aspirin or acetaminophen in relieving pain.

Does the Stone Breaker Herb Support Treatment for H. pylori Infections?

Yes. Studies show Chanca Piedra may effectively support treatment of gastric (stomach) infections, including helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a type of bacteria that’s associated with the formation of ulcers. Chanca Piedra doesn’t interfere with Lactobacillus acidophilus and other beneficial bacteria in the gut unlike antibiotics and other medications often used to treat H. pylori.

Can the Stone Breaker Herb Help with High Blood Pressure?

Studies indicate Chanca Piedra may help to suppress a rise in blood glucose and support treatment for type 2 diabetes. Geraniin is a compound linked with reduction in high blood pressure. In one study, people with high blood pressure who drank Chanca Piedra tea showed a significant reduction in blood pressure, along with an increase in sodium excretion.

Did You Really Drink Chanca Piedra Tea When You Had Lyme Disease?

Yes. I suffered from Lyme disease for almost 4 years. (Here’s my story.) Then I got a kidney stone. I did extensive research and read study after study about a stone breaker herb called Chanca Piedra. I starting drinking Chanca Piedra tea three times a day and continued doing so for three months.

I have been free of the disease now for almost 10 years. Chanca Piedra is the reason I started the company. It helps to explore the science behind this stone breaker herb and its potential uses in supporting chronic illness treatment.

When I first began drinking the tea, I started to notice a difference around the 28-day mark. I had both neuro Lyme and arthritic symptoms (joint tenderness and inflammation). Less clinically, if I brushed the back of my hand by a hard surface, my knuckles would scream in pain. At its worst, I couldn’t even put my hands in my pockets.

About 4 weeks after starting the Chanca Piedra, I realized that my joints weren’t sensitive to touch anymore. For me, that was the first obvious improvement. If there’s one thing to keep in mind it’s that the improvement will be gradual. That’s the first disclaimer. The second: Everyone is different. Much depends on your symptoms, the severity of those symptoms, and how long the infection has been in place.

When I started incorporating Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) tea into my diet, I drank 10 ounces of tea three times a day. I still drink it a couple times a week. It’s possibly the healthiest tea in the world (it’s my personal belief, but the science backs me up here).

Should I Choose Looseleaf or Concentrate?

We sell the Chanca Piedra stone breaker herb as a looseleaf herbal tea, which is a dried plant. We also sell it as a concentrate. The concentrate (extract) is a 20:1 ratio extract of the plant. The concentrate can be ingested in a glass of hot water or in a smoothie. Either can be a good support to your health.

We sell the looseleaf herbal tea in sizes that range from 250 g (45 servings) to 1,000 g (180 servings). We sell the concentrate in small, 100 g sizes (50 servings) as YIP-PEE! Kidney Health Support. We also sell the concentrate in larger sizes ranging from 200 g (100 servings) to 1,000 g (500 servings). Finally, Phyllanthus niruri extract is one of six extracts in our proprietary ShieldsUp! Immune Support Kits. (Other extracts include Cistus incanus, Rosa rugosa for vitamin C, Agarikon mushroom, Torilis japonica, and L-lysine.)

Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

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