Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus Niruri, Stonebreaker) – Intro to the World’s Healthiest Plant

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Chanca Piedra, also called Phyllanthus niruri and Stone Breaker, is the world’s healthiest plants. Here’s how it can help you.

When people first hear about Phyllanthus niruri, they often react with a mix of curiosity and disbelief because of the incredible list of health benefits attributed to it.

How is it possible for a single plant to have so many positive effects on our physiology? To find out, it’s important to become familiar with the extensive research that has been going on over the past 60 years all over the world.

Stone Breaker Has 100+ Bioactive Compounds

Chanca Piedra (“stone breaker” in Spanish) is a small herb found in tropical rainforests and coastal areas. Popular in South America, it has 100+ bioactive compounds. Best known for helping to eliminate kidney stones and gall stones, it has been used around the world for thousands of years to address a variety of chronic illnesses.

Phytochemically rich Phyllanthus niruri has traditionally been used to support the renal system, help the immune and lymphatic systems combat viruses and bacteria, support the digestive system, and reduce stress on the pancreatic system.

Stone Breaker Is a Powerful Antioxidant

Phyllanthus Niruri is many times more powerful than dietary antioxidants (like Vitamin C and E) in helping your body neutralize Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Overproduction of ROS causes aging and many diseases.

The herb has a rare combination of powerful antioxidant properties – it not only inhibits reactive oxygen species (ROS) production but also stimulates the body’s production of superoxide dismutase, lowers lipid peroxidation, and scavanges free radicals. Its various bioactive compounds (alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and coumarins) include a unique phyto-protein. Together, these elements protect against oxidative damage and stimulate repair mechanisms.

The World’s Best Synergistic Adaptogen

Phyllanthus niruri is a member of a rare and remarkable group of plants called adaptogens. Adaptogens help the body adapt to different kinds of stress (be it physical, chemical, biological, emotional, or environmental), which is essential for maintaining good health.

Phyllanthus niruri has one of the largest varieties of tannins, saponins, flavonoids, and glycosides. These chemical compounds give adaptogens their health benefits. Phyllanthus is uniquely synergistic in the way it acts as adaptogen, making it extremely powerful. Panax Ginseng, the most famous adaptogen, contains 28 types of saponins, whereas Phyllanthus contains 168 different active compounds. That’s 6 times as many.

We Have More to Say About Stone Breaker

We’re just scratching the surface here. Read the Phyllanthus niruri FAQ.

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