Health Regimen and Mindset: Key Connections

Mindset and a Successful Health Regimen

Ready to take ownership of your health? A health regimen is necessary if you want real change.

Diet, exercise, sleep — rinse and repeat? A healthy lifestyle is more than just mechanics. It’s more than you can find in a book or at the gym. You must take personal ownership of your health plan with an empowered mindset if you wish to take control of your life and build a successful health regimen. The roots of healthy habits begin with a positive mindset. Believe in yourself. Empower yourself to make lifestyle changes.

Focus on the “Why,” Not the “What”

For the most part, you probably already know what it means to eat healthy food (eating real food, eating fresh vegetables, and avoiding unhealthy foods). However, in order to eat healthy on a consistent basis, you need to focus on why you eat, not just on what you eat.

This isn’t about willpower, it’s about motivation. If you’re having trouble eating healthily and maintaining an exercise plan, something in your life is probably out of balance. Look inward. Chances are you’ve formed habits through repetitive actions that have led you back to the same unhealthy conclusions. In order to regain balance and implement a successful health regimen, you have to learn to build new habits.

The Perfect Health Regimen Wasn’t Built in a Day

Research on healthy lifestyle habits shows that the formation of new habits is most successful when linked with an action. Further, this same research shows that new habit development is more successful when it’s rooted in personal values instead of a need to satisfy external demands. Tie your new habits to actions that you already internally value. Do you always brush your teeth? Great! Now start your new stretching routine right before you brush your teeth.

Start small. For example, try a 5-minute breathing exercise. Simpler actions will become automatic and take root more quickly than more complex changes. If you can build small foundations of healthy habits, those habits can cascade into an increasing level of confidence that you are on the path to maintaining your own personal successful health regimen.

Find Your Power

The real reason you’re not getting healthy may be because you keep focusing on the external and avoiding the internal. You keep focusing on the body and ignoring the soul. You’re treating the symptoms rather than getting to the root cause.

When you go all the way down to your core and heal your soul, then the rest takes care of itself. To support your inward-focused journey, Ocimum sanctum tea can help balance your mood as well as relieve the stresses that change brings. When you heal spiritually, you can finally transform your relationship with health for a lifetime.

Taking Control of Your Health Regimen

Supporting a successful health regimen is possible only if you allow yourself to take control of your actions and choices internally. Recognize that you have the power to choose every moment. In this realization lie freedom and power beyond anything you’ll find in a gym or a diet book. Empowering yourself, focusing inward, and taking ownership of your choices will help you make the right decisions for your overall health each and every day.

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