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Why You Need Anthocyanin Tea

anthocyanin tea - vaccinium uliginosum

Anthocyanin tea made from Vaccinium uliginosum extract provides many potential health benefits, including memory and cognition support.

Anthocyanin Tea

Some fruits and vegetables contain polyphenolic pigments called anthocyanins, which can enhance overall health and wellbeing. In the proceeding paragraphs, I’ll talk more about anthocyanin tea made from Vaccinium uliginosum, also known as bilberry and bog blueberry.

Health Benefits of Vaccinium uliginosum

Vaccinium uliginosum is an herbal extract native to China, Japan, and parts of Europe. It’s a powerful nootropic, an adaptogen, and an antioxidant. It’s highly valued for its healing and rejuvenating powers, and it’s used to support treatment for a variety of chronic diseases and everyday ailments, as highlighted below.

  • Anthocyanin Tea for Cognition

Evidence from epidemiological research has affirmed that regular consumption of anthocyanin tea can improve cognitive function. Tea from Vaccinium uliginosum extract has polyphenols that contain anthocyanins. Anthocyanins contain antioxidant properties that can facilitate the elimination of free radicals in the brain. This occurs during the oxidation-reduction process in human cells to neutralize the free radicals.

In addition, anthocyanins present in anthocyanin tea inhibit the action of enzyme xanthine oxidase and induce enzyme catalase, which helps to provide neuroprotection and cardioprotection. As such, drinking Vaccinium uliginosum tea may improve concentration and critical thinking.

  • Anti-Carcinogenic Activity

Components of the hexane/chloroform fraction of Vaccinium uliginosum exhibit potential anti-carcinogenic activity. In addition, it may lower the risk of oxidative stress-related disease.

  • Support for Treatment of Inflammation and Bacteria

Vaccinium uliginosum has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to guard against THP-1 macrophages. The herb also has the potential to reduce inflammatory biomarkers in the plasma, helping to curb the occurrence of inflammatory conditions, hepatitis, asthma, and some allergies.

Vaccinium uliginosum anthocyanin tea has shown antimicrobial properties against Fusobacterium nucleatum and Streptococcus mutans. This antibacterial activity is attributed to flavonoid glycosides and anthocyanins. With the increasing antibiotic resistance concerns, the herb could serve as a great alternative for some bacterial infections.

Learn More About Vaccinium uliginosum

We sell Vaccinium anthocyanin tea in small 100 gram sizes as SAVVY! Brain Health Support. We also sell Vaccinium extract in larger 200 gram to 1,000 gram sizes. To learn more about Vaccinium uliginosum as an eye health supplement and as a brain health supplement, a good place to start is our Vaccinium FAQ. We love our Vaccinium extract. We think you’ll love it too.

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