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Trial Size Supplements from Our Herbal Shop

Trial Size Herbals from Our Herbal Shop - Linden Botanicals

Trial-size herbal supplements in 20-serving sizes are a great way to try several different healthy herbal extracts from our herbal shop.

Trial Size Supplements from Our Herbal Shop

Choose one healthy herbal supplement, or choose several and build your own custom health and wellness kit. Each 20g extract contains 20 servings. This small serving size gives you the opportunity to try out one or more herbal supplements to see which work best for you.

Our herbal shop offers 15 herbal supplements from which to choose.

Here are 10 of the trial size herbal supplements available:

Agarikon – This strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent that may provide a natural bioshield against infection and disease. Read the FAQ.

Astragalus – The Star Healer has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging, heart health, and immune health properties. Read the FAQ.

Bilberry – This rich natural source of anthocyanins may improve memory and lower the risk of cognitive decline. Read the FAQ.

Cistanche – Anti-fatigue, anti-aging, antidepressant, and neuroprotective properties. We call this global favorite Methuselah’s Breakfast. Read the FAQ.

Cistus incanus – Well-studied antibacterial, antiviral, and biofilm-breaking properties. Ameliorates cold and flu symptoms. Also called Rock Rose, it’s our most popular herbal tea sample. Read the FAQ.

Cryptolepis – Studies show it’s highly active against growing and non-growing stationary-phase Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease). Read the FAQ.

Dan Shen – Our newest supplement offers significant heart health and cardiovascular support, anti-inflammatory support, and blood circulation support. Read the FAQ.

Phyllanthus – With 100+ bioactive compounds, no other plant in the world offers as many health benefits. Also called Chanca Piedra, it’s our flagship product and our owner’s favorite herbal tea sample. Read the FAQ.

Polygala – Helps with mood, creative thinking, and focus. This nootropic herb supports new brain cell growth. We call it the Will Strengthener. Read the FAQ.

Rosa rugosa – Antioxidant with high levels of vitamin C known for its anti-inflammation and anti-aging properties. This herbal tea sampler is very popular during flu and cold season. Read the FAQ.

Build Your Own Health and Wellness Kit

Buy an herbal supplement or two for yourself, or buy one or more for someone you love. These 20-serving herbal supplements are sized and priced to help you determine which herbal supplements are right for you.



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