Herbal Wellness Involves a Variety of Healthy-Living Strategies

Overall Wellness Involves a Variety of Healthy-Living Strategies - Linden Botanicals

Seeking herbal wellness? Pay attention to your immune system when it’s failing you and when it’s not.

Too often we pay attention to our immune system only when it’s failing us. We become aware of our immune function when it’s overcome by a pathogen or when it’s overactive in attacking our body. However, the key to maintaining healthy immunity is to consistently pursue health and wellness. That means every day.

So what exactly is healthy immunity, and what can you do to optimize its function?

Show Your Body the Respect It Deserves

First and foremost, don’t be a fair weather friend to your body. If you want to be healthy, seek to optimize all functions and systems of your body. Optimizing all your systems rather than just trying to boost your immune response is the best path to achieving healthy immunity. After all, even the nose and the skin, or dermis, are active immune organs.

Said another way, healthy immunity involves a variety of healthy-living strategies. For example, the human microbiome consists of the trillions of organisms that help us perform life-sustaining functions. One step in a whole systems approach is to maintain friendly bacteria. This can be done with a diet that includes fiber like inulin and by spending more time in nature. Getting enough sleep and even how you exercise can influence the health of your microbiome.

Herbal Wellness Involves a Whole Body Approach

It also helps to recognize that the human immune response is a complex and beautifully choreographed dance between all your body systems. Simply trying to boost one system will throw that choreography off. Likewise, ignoring the health of one system will mean one of the dancers isn’t showing up for the performance.

Though research into the immune system continues, it’s clear that long-term health is a byproduct of a whole body approach.

(Want to learn more? Learn specific things you can do to optimize your herbal wellness and support your immune system.)


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