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Herbs to Cleanse Liver

Herbs to Cleanse Liver - Phyllanthus niruri from Linden Botanicals

Herbs to cleanse liver: Try SWISH! (Phyllanthus niruri herbal extract). It makes a wonderful daily herbal tea.

Liver Detox Cleanse

Maybe you’re looking for a quick-fix detox. Or the next big health cleanse fad. Or an immediate way to feel better after a recent period of indulgence. There are a million cleanses out there, and it’s hard to sort through them all.

Here’s one thing you need to know: The liver is your body’s main detox organ, and it plays an important filtration role in the body. Everything you put in your body eventually goes through the liver’s security checkpoint. If your liver is working well, newly filtered substances leave the liver, and the purified vital substances go back into the blood. And if your liver is working well, toxins and waste metabolites are carried away by bile into the bowel removal from the body.

Here’s another: Any liver cleanse should incorporate natural foods, including all-natural herbs to cleanse liver. The liver can (and will) go into overdrive when you eat foods with additives, preservatives, food colorings, Stevia and other sweeteners, flavor enhancers, and chemically modified fats. Liver filtration occurs constantly and can get backed up if you’re consuming too much junk.

Herbs to Cleanse Liver: Try a Cleansing Swish!

Phyllanthus niruri can also go a long way toward supporting your detox and cleanse support goals by helping to protect your liver, your kidneys, and your overall digestive health. (You can learn more about the liver and digestion here.) Phyllanthus niruri the subject of more than 1,000 scientific studies, including this study and this study.

Phytochemically rich Phyllanthus niruri has been used for thousands of years as an herb to cleanse liver and provide detox and cleanse support. It can also support the digestive system, support the renal system, and reduce stress on the pancreatic system.

Popular in South America, it has 100+ identified bioactive compounds. It’s a powerful antioxidant, a nootropic, and the world’s best synergistic adaptogen. Best known for helping to eliminate kidney stones and gall stones, it is also used in Andean medical systems and around the globe to provide detox and cleanse support and to address many health concerns and chronic illnesses.

Rather than starting a new fad diet, consider all-natural ways to support efficient detox and cleanse of your body systems. By supporting the liver and renal systems, Phyllanthus niruri acts as a natural diuretic to help eliminate body fluids filtered by the kidneys.

SWISH! from Linden Botanicals contains 50 servings of Phyllanthus niruri herbal extract. Linden Botanicals also sells Phyllanthus niruri in larger sizes.

Try SWISH! for Liver Health

Herbs to cleanse liver can help you care for your liver and provide day-to-day support of efficient liver filtration.

Skip the sugar, cut down on or eliminate alcohol, and introduce SWISH! (Phyllanthus niruri) herbal extract into your daily diet.

There is good reason to believe that a lifestyle-related approach to optimal health will benefit from support with Phyllanthus niruri as a health supplement. A cup of Phyllanthus niruri tea a day can go a long way toward protecting your liver and digestive health. Take time for a Phyllanthus tea break, and your liver will thank you.

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