Japanese Hedge Parsley: Part of Our Immune Support Kit

Japanese Hedge Parsley: Part of Our Immune Support Kit

Japanese hedge parsley (Torilis japonica) has antiviral and antibacterial agents that support healthy immune and inflammation response.

ShieldsUp! herbal extract kits contain L-lysine and 5 powerful super-botanicals: Japanese hedge parsley, Rosa rugosa, Cistus incanus, Phyllanthus niruri, and Laricifomes officinalis (Agarikon). Japanese hedge parsley, also called Torilis japonica, is a key ingredient due to its antiviral and antibacterial agents that support healthy immune and inflammation response.

What is Japanese Hedge Parsley?

It’s an upright hedge parsley used in therapeutic antimicrobial treatments throughout Japan, Korea, and China since ancient times. This medicinal herb has traditionally been used to provide support for inflammatory diseases. The seed is anthelmintic, anti-fungal, antiviral, expectorant, and tonic. The fruit shows anti-angiogenic activity, immune-enhancing activity, and antiviral activity 

Antiviral and Antibacterial Activity

The fruit of the plant has been used in therapeutic antimicrobial treatments in Korea and China since ancient times. The plant has been reported to possess diverse healing properties including anti‑inflammatory and antibacterial activities.

It’s a powerful addition to any immune system support program, as it may help reduce the possibility of an overactive immune reaction called a cytokine storm.

The Science on Japanese Hedge Parsley

First, it may inhibit inflammation through multiple regulatory mechanisms. Studies have highlighted its potential as a candidate anti-inflammatory agent.

Second, it may have anti-protozoal activity. It has been used as a human anti-parasitic in Asian countries for many years.

Third, it may deactivate bacteria by distorting the outer-surface proteins.

Fourth, it may have powerful anti-viral properties.

Finally, in one in vitro study Japanese hedge parsley completely or significantly inhibited replication of multiple unrelated coronavirus strains, leading the researchers to state that it could be an effective broad-spectrum antiviral.

Immune Support Kits Contain Powerful Extracts

Our ShieldsUp! Antiviral Immune Support Kit is a proprietary collection of six herbal extracts, including Japanese hedge parsley, Cistus incanus, Phyllanthus niruri, and rose hips (Rosa rugosa), Agarikon mushroom (Laricifomes officinalis), and L-lysine. Each ingredient in the kit was specifically chosen to help fight colds, flus, coughs, and invading pathogens so you can harness the power of nature to support your immune system. To learn more about these extracts, visit our FAQ page.

This proprietary combination of extracts is designed to support the body’s immune defenses; inhibit the lifecycle of common viruses; fight colds, flus, coughs, and invading pathogens; bolster the respiratory tract; protect against free radical damage; and protect against overactive immune response inflammation.

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