Tick Diseases and Other Chronic Illnesses: Get Our Free E-Book

Tick Diseases and Other Chronic Illnesses: Get Our Free E-Book

Are you suffering from tick diseases or other chronic illnesses? Read our Lessons from the Darkness e-book.

Tick Diseases Like Lyme Can Be Debilitating

If you or someone you care about has suffered from chronic illness, you know how such an illness can chip away at your physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Michael Van der Linden started Linden Botanicals out of a passion for helping people optimize their health. Years ago, he had Lyme disease. After four years of treatment and prolonged suffering, his severe Lyme symptoms persisted. During those years, he sought advice from every corner. He saw doctors who specialized in tick diseases. He tried one costly “cure” after another. He remediated environmental conditions like mold.

Lyme disease took a toll on his health, his bank account, his ability to hold down a job, his social life, and even his sense of self worth. As is the case with many people who suffer from chronic illness, the results were devastating.

Tick Diseases and Other Chronic Illnesses Can Have a Happy Ending

During Michael’s fourth year grappling with health issues and doctors who specialized in tick diseases, he had a kidney stone attack. He had heard about Phyllanthus niruri tea from the Amazon rainforest of Peru. (The tea’s other name, Chanca Piedra, means “stone breaker.”) He drank the tea three times a day for three months, after which time he no longer had Lyme symptoms. He has remained symptom free ever since.

The reason why is no big mystery. Lyme disease can affect every body system and get into your central nervous system. While drinking the tea, Michael began what would become years of scientific research and learned that the tea might support his battle with Lyme. Phyllanthus niruri tea, powder, and extract became the company’s first (and flagship) products. We believe it’s the healthiest tea in the world.

(To learn more about Phyllanthus, read our Phyllanthus FAQ and articles on Lyme Symptoms and Lyme Disease Support, Borrelia Burgdorferi and Lyme, Phyllanthus Immune Support, Phyllanthus for Kidney Stones, and Immune Support Kits Containing Phyllanthus and Cistus incanus.

Stop Chasing Sickness and Start Chasing Health

While Michael had Lyme disease, the disease did more than dominate his life – Lyme disease became his life. He spent much of his time researching tick diseases and swapping stories with others who were also suffering from chronic illness. He began to chase sickness.

Chasing sickness involves an endless loop of doctors and specialists who diagnose each new symptom. It involves trying one expensive new medication after the other (each with its own side effects). It involves spending hours each week scouring scientific articles, health forums, and message boards in search of a magic bullet. Michael chased sickness for years.

Ultimately, he healed himself with the right foods, drank the healthiest tea in the world, became more mindful of the world around him, and turned to friends and family for emotional support. He learned to treat himself with more kindness and reminded himself daily that he was not his illness.

Get Our Free Lessons from the Darkness E-Book

Michael finally overcame chronic illness by taking intentional steps to optimize his health.

The goal is to stop chasing sickness and start pursuing health. Achieving this goal may seem impossible, but it’s not. Get our free Lessons from the Darkness e-book. In it, we’ll share 8 valuable strategies that will help you optimize your health. (Tick diseases aside, the e-book addresses the many challenges of chronic illness from Michael’s personal perspective.)

Read the Phyllanthus FAQ  Get the Free Lessons from the Darkness E-Book

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