An Insane Kidney Stone Treatment — and a Much Saner, More Effective Approach

An Insane Kidney Stone Treatment -- and a Much Saner, More Effective Approach

I tried drinking Phyllanthus niruri (Stonebreaker) tea as a kidney stone treatment. What happened next amazed me.

One day several years ago, I found myself curled up in a ball on the floor in pain. I called my daughter to take me to the hospital.

At the hospital, the attending doctor diagnosed me with a kidney stone. He told me to pick up some pain pills from the pharmacy, drink a lot of water, and hope that I passed the stone. He told me to return to the emergency room if I didn’t feel better in a week.

On the way back home, I wondered if the Percocet + water protocol is the standard solution for kidney stone treatment. (I later found out that it is.) I thought to myself — that’s insane, there must be a better way.

I did an internet search looking for answers. After sifting through some truly dubious “miracle cures,” I found Phyllanthus niruri. Phyllanthus niruri is sometimes called Chanca Piedra, which is a Spanish term meaning “Stonebreaker.” Phyllanthus niruri has a long history in Andean traditional medicine systems as an aide for eliminating kidney stones.

What a Much Saner Kidney Stone Treatment Looks Like

I felt this long history was a good starting point, and I began to do extensive research to determine if science backed this traditional use. I wanted to know what might make Phyllanthus effective for kidney stone treatment. As it turns out, Phyllanthus niruri does five things to help you deal with kidney stones:

In sum, it makes the kidney stone smaller and smoother, it relaxes the path the stone has to pass through, and it helps you eliminate the stone with less pain.

Why I Chose Phyllanthus niruri as My Kidney Stone Treatment

My extensive research into the science behind Phyllanthus niruri supported the traditional use of Phyllanthus niruri as a kidney stone treatment. What I quickly discovered is that Phyllanthus niruri makes an excellent, healthy tea. And so I began to drink looseleaf Phyllanthus niruri tea three times a day. Drinking the tea had the wonderful (though by this point not surprising) effect of shrinking the kidney stone to such a degree that I don’t even recall passing it.

I continued to drink Phyllanthus niruri tea three times a day for 90 days.

Drinking Phyllanthus niruri tea straight also had a second, more startling effect that I hadn’t anticipated: it helped me rid my body of Lyme disease. Once again, I continued my research to determine how Phyllanthus niruri may have supported my battle against Lyme.

Phyllanthus niruri Offers More Health Benefits Than Any Other Plant in the World

Here’s what I learned.

Phyllanthus niruri has 100+ bioactive compounds and has a well-earned reputation as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-plasmodial plant. The more I learned about Phyllanthus niruri, the more I appreciated elegance of the actions of its phyto-constituents, which provide phenomenal support to the body’s immune system. My research helped to explain how a traditional kidney stone treatment like Phyllanthus niruri helped me get rid of Lyme disease.

Today, I believe I have identified the world’s best kidney stone treatment. Better yet, I no longer have Lyme disease. The actions of the phyto-constituents of Phyllanthus niruri are why I consider Phyllanthus niruri the ultimate support for those battling kidney stones and Lyme disease.

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