New Year Cleanse Brings a Whole New You!

New Year Cleanse Brings a New You!

Optimize your health with a New Year cleanse. (Best of all, you don’t need to starve yourself!)

A glass of water first thing in the morning along with intentional, smart eating and at least one big mug of Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea a day are an excellent start for any New Year cleanse. But first thing’s first …

Does the New Year Cleanse Involve Starvation?


Let me repeat that. No. A cleanse doesn’t have to involve total deprivation.

For starters, drink enough water. People often feel run down and sluggish because they’re dehydrated. They may not drink enough water throughout the day, or they may drink too much coffee, soda, or alcohol. It’s all too common for people to feel depleted — and confused. Instead of simply drinking more water, many people search for other root causes for their aches and pains and exhaustion. They may assume, for example, that they’re getting sick.

The best New Year cleanse involves sufficient hydration and the opportunity to treat yourself to a plethora of natural foods. Cut foods that contain additives, preservatives, food colorings, sugar, sweeteners, and chemically modified fats. I won’t mince words here — the American diet is toxic. Eliminate junk food and processed food. Choose real food instead. A New Year cleanse also involves cutting down or eliminating alcohol (at least temporarily).

Should You Drink Herbal Tea?

Great question! Choosing the right herbal tea is important. Start your New Year cleanse off right with Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea. Phyllanthus, also called Chanca Piedra and Stone Breaker, is possibly the world’s healthiest and most beneficial plant (and by extension the world’s healthiest and most beneficial tea).

Drinking at least one 10 ounce glass of Phyllanthus niruri tea a day can go a long way toward protecting your immune system, your liver and kidney health, and your digestive health. (Learn more about the liver and digestion here.)

Phyllanthus has been traditionally used to support the liver and renal systems, which are the body’s natural detox pathway. Phyllanthus also acts as a diuretic to help eliminate the body fluids filtered by the kidneys. (The owner of Linden Botanicals drank Phyllanthus niruri tea to help rid his body of Lyme disease.)

The small Phyllanthus niruri herb is found in and near the Amazon region of Peru. (If it’s grown anywhere else in the world, it’s NOT the same plant. Terroir is critically important here.) Popular throughout South America, it’s best known for helping to eliminate kidney stones. It’s also traditionally used in Andean medical systems and around the world to address a variety of chronic illnesses.

Phyllanthus niruri offers great benefits as a cleanse and detox herb, which is why it makes a great tea for your New Year cleanse. In fact, with 100+ bioactive compounds, it offers more health benefits than any other plant in the world.

Start Your New Year Cleanse Off Right with Phyllanthus niruri Tea

Don’t starve yourself. Don’t start the fad diet of the week. Instead, hydrate, eat right, and make time each day for a Phyllanthus tea break. Try a healthy New Year cleanse. Your entire body will thank you.

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