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Natural All Day Energy – Put Some Oomph! in Your Day

If you’re seeking natural all-day energy, try Cistanche herbal extract. Make a cup of Cistanche herbal tea or include it in your daily smoothie.

Natural All-Day Energy

Are you constantly tired by midday? Do you experience periodic brain fog and a lack of energy? Love your morning coffee but hate the crash that comes from too much caffeine?

There’s an ancient way to help improve all-natural, all-day energy without the caffeine jitters. It’s called Cistanche, and it’s an all-natural herbal supplement.

A Few of the Things We Love About Cistanche

Cistanche tubulosa is a rare plant from the Mongolian desert that has been used for thousands of years to support heart, brain, and gut health. However, Cistanche is also a rich source of a special class of molecules called phenylethanoid glycosides. These help support mitochondria, the energy center of nearly all the cells in your body. Healthy mitochondria are the key to natural all-day energy.

Cistanche also has the following benefits:

Anti-Fatigue Benefits: Cistanche extract has anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. These properties are responsible for its ability to provide cardio-protection and possibly reduce oxidative stress.

Digestive Health Benefits: Cistanche may help alleviate depression symptoms by restoring gut microbiota homeostasis. To learn more about the digestive health support potential of Cistanche, check out our GUTSY FAQ.

Cognitive Health Benefits: Cistanche may enhance learning capabilities. Its adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties help activate brain cells and improve memory. Cistanche extract has also shown positive effects in supporting the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. To learn more about its nootropic brain health potential, check out our BrainStorm FAQ.

Antidepressant Benefits: A recent study in Frontiers in Pharmacology suggests Cistanche extract shows antidepressant-like effects through its ability to restore gut microbiota homeostasis.

With every cell in your body more energized, you’ll feel greater natural all-day energy. But the benefits of Cistanche go deeper. It also supports brain health and may help to enhance memory and improve mental performance. Healthy brain, happier living.

Try Methuselah’s Breakfast with Your Breakfast

Cistanche supports the natural cellular cleanup and renewal process. Eliminating tired, aging cells helps keep the body youthful, which is why we call Cistanche “Methuselah’s Breakfast.” Our nickname for the plant is become widely adopted around the globe. (Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather, was said to live to the ripe old age of 969.)

Since ancient times, Methuselah’s Breakfast was taken to clear the mind and enhance cognitive ability. In addition, the benefits of Cistanche include anti-aging properties that may increase stamina and aid healthy sexual performance. Today, Cistanche is quickly gaining popularity due to the wide range of potential health benefits it offers.

Best of all, Cistanche has a mild, earthy, slightly sweet flavor that blends well with your morning cup of coffee.

Try Cistanche for Natural All-Day Energy

We sell Cistanche herbal extract as Oomph! (50 servings) and in larger sizes ranging from 100-500 servings. The cost per serving is as low as 28¢.

To learn how you can put a little more Oomph! in your day, check out our Cistanche FAQ.

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