Natural Nootropic Herbal Kits: Try BrainStorm

Natural Nootropic Herbal Kits: Try BrainStorm from Linden Botanicals

Natural nootropic herbal kits include Cistanche, Haritaki, Semen cuscutae, and Polygala to support learning, memory, and focus.

Nootropics may help to improve cognitive ability, memory, focus, and creativity. They have the potential to improve mood and reduce anxiety, increase willpower and motivation, and reduce levels of social discomfort. Nootropic is a word formed from the Greek words “nous,” meaning mind or intellect, and “trepein,” meaning bend.

Recent studies suggest these natural nootropic herbal extracts are among the most promising nootropic supplements in the world: Cistanche tubulosa, Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Semen cuscutae, Polygala tenuifolia (Yuan Zhi), and Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry). Linden Botanicals sells these extracts individually and together in BrainStorm Nootropic Brain Health Support Kits.

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Natural Nootropic Herbal Support

Millions of adults take supplements to try to maintain or improve brain health or even possibly delay or reverse dementia. People of all ages are striving to enhance memory and cognitive performance and achieve healthy aging.

The term “nootropic” was coined by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea. He defined a true nootropic as enhancing memory and learning ability; helping the brain resist learned behaviors and disruptive memories; protecting the brain from harmful physical or chemical injury or damage; enhancing the efficiency of brain functions; and lacking any sedative, stimulant, or toxic side effects.

Five of the most promising natural nootropic herbal extracts are Cistanche tubulosa, Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Semen cuscutae (Tu Si Zi), Polygala tenuifolia (Yuan Zhi), and Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry).

CISTANCHE TUBULOSA: A recent study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology calls Cistanche “potential treatment for depressive symptoms by restoring homeostasis of gut microbiota for microbiota–gut–brain axis disorders, opening new avenues in the field of neuropsychopharmacology.” Other research shows it has anti-aging properties and may enhance mitochondrial functional and antioxidant capacity, which may improve longevity and endurance, increase energy, and reduce fatigue. Read the FAQ.

HARITAKI: Haritaki is a natural nootropic herbal extract that contains a wide variety of constituents believed to affect cognition. It’s used by some people to support treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. A study published in Advances in Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences says that Haritaki extract contains AChEI and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which are currently relevant to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Read the FAQ.

SEMEN CUSCUTAE: Semen cuscutae extract may show protective activity against chemically induced memory deficit, as well as protect against oxidative damage and neuroinflammation. It may also be able to help rescue damaged brain synapses, support treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, and help alleviate memory loss by rescuing caspase-3-mediated synaptic damage in Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Read the FAQ.

POLYGALA TENUIFOLIA: A 2021 study published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies says that Polygala tenuifolia may reduce cognitive deficits, neuronal injures, and neurogenesis disorder, as well as protect against cognitive decline. Polygala tenuifolia has the potential to promote neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation, putting it in a special category of natural nootropic herbal extracts that supports new brain cell growth. Read the FAQ.

VACCINIUM ULIGINOSUM: A 2021 study published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences indicates that the anthocyanins found in Vaccinium uliginosum extract may lower the risk of developing cognitive decline. Studies have shown it may improve memory, attention, psychomotor speed, and executive function. Compounds in Vaccinium uliginosum seem to jumpstart the brain, helping aging neurons communicate again. Read the FAQ.

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To learn more about the possible health benefits of Cistanche tubulosa, Haritaki, Semen cuscutae, Polygala tenuifolia, and Vaccinium uliginosum, a good place to start is with our end of year review and our Linden Botanicals FAQ pages. Linden Botanicals sells all five natural nootropic herbal extracts individually, as well as includes all five in BrainStorm Nootropic Brain Health Support Kits.

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Linden Botanicals sells the world’s healthiest nootropic herbal teas and extracts, including Cistanche tubulosa, Haritaki, Semen cuscutae, Polygala tenuifolia, Vaccinium uliginosum, Cistus incanus, and Phyllanthus niruri.

These herbal teas and extracts provide support for brain health, mood, memory, immune health, stress relief, energy, kidney health, joint health, detox/cleanse, digestive health, inflammation, and hormonal balance. Visit to shop the online store, find hundreds of valuable health tips and resources, and get the free Lessons from the Darkness e-book, which chronicles Michael Van der Linden’s four-year battle with Lyme disease.

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