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Shop Local Colorado at Colorado-based Linden Botanicals

Shop Local Colorado -

Tis the season to shop local! The Shop Local Colorado campaign encourages Coloradans to keep it local.

Small business is the heart of Colorado’s economy. Roughly 99.5% of Colorado businesses are small businesses (653,000 small businesses in 2020). Colorado small businesses employ 1.1 million people — a whopping total of 48% of all Colorado employees work for small businesses. (Check out the facts here.)

Supporting small businesses means supporting your community.

Linden Botanicals Is Colorado Born and Bred

We at Linden Botanicals opened our online store four years ago from Broomfield, Colorado. We’re now based in Denver, just outside the River North Arts District (RiNo Arts District). We love Colorado — we have family here, friends here, and close ties with the local business community. Shop Local Colorado is a campaign that’s close to our hearts, and we do everything we can to support Colorado businesses.

Supporting the Local Economy

Small businesses in Colorado employ more than 1.1 million Coloradans, which is nearly 50% of Colorado’s entire workforce. Companies with fewer than 100 employees have the largest share of small business employment. Supporting small businesses ensures these jobs remain viable.

Small business means fewer patrons. Like other states, Colorado is working to keep our community safe from the impacts of COVID-19. Shopping at small businesses like Linden Botanicals helps to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keeps the community safe. The Shop Local Colorado campaign also helps ensure small businesses like Linden Botanicals make it through this economic downturn.

According to the Small Business Administration, when you shop locally, 70% of your spending stays in the local economy, whereas only 30% remains in the community when you shop outside your local area. When you spend $100 to Shop Local Colorado, your community keeps $70. This 70% of spending increases local tax revenues, which are used to support schools, police, fire stations, roads, and more. Local businesses also use other local businesses such as marketing, design, packaging, and printing, which has further positive impacts on the local economy.

Shop Local Colorado

Jobs. Safety. Neighbors. It all starts local. This holiday season, Shop Local Colorado (#ShopLocalColorado)!

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