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What Is Cistus incanus Herbal Tea Good For? Most Everything

What Is Cistus incanus Good For? As It Turns Out, Most Everything. Linden Botanicals

What is Cistus incanus good for? As it turns out, almost everything, including significant immune system support.

Cistus incanus has strong health-promoting properties through its antioxidant, immunomodulatory, bacteriostatic, and anti-fungal activities.

Cistus incanus offers scientifically proven immune support and relief of cold and flu symptoms. It may modulate the immune system and inhibit the multiplication of viruses, which may help to alleviate cold and influenza.

Cistus incanus contains polyphenols that may destroy free radicals, inhibit the formation and development of inflammation in the body, and have a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases. Through bioflavonoids, it works synergistically with vitamin C, enhancing its action, and also protects the mucous membrane of the stomach to help prevent the formation of ulcers.

What is Cistus incanus good for? As it turns out, almost everything.

Do the Research on Cistus incanus

Numerous scientific articles discuss the use of Cistus incanus to treat patients with infections of the upper respiratory tract. It’s currently being researched for potential benefits in the treatment of coronaviruses. Our Cistus incanus FAQ is a comprehensive source of information for starters. But don’t take our word for it. This is your health we’re talking about. Do your homework.

Find a Reputable Source for Cistus incanus

High-quality Cistus incanus is in high demand and short supply. First and foremost, it’s important to source wild-flowering plants that grow in their native Mediterranean soil and climate. Terroir (land, sun, and rain) matters.

Plants growing in arid Mediterranean ecosystems endure multiple stressors and harsh conditions, such as drought, high sun exposure, and high temperatures. Mediterranean plants produce high levels of polyphenols to protect themselves against these stressors.

Cistus has also developed a symbiotic relationship with root fungi, which help the root system absorb water and minerals so the host plant can thrive.

Our Cistus is sourced from Crete, the ancestral home of Cistus. Our Cistus is wild grown and responsibly collected from the island’s mountainous regions. The sun, soil, and weather of Crete produce high-quality Cistus. It’s naturally harvested from the buds, flowers, leaves, and stems. There are no chemicals used in its production — no pesticides, heavy metals, fertilizers, or herbicides.

Use Our Handy Checklist

Ready to buy Cistus incanus herbal tea? Here are some handy rules to follow:

  1. Buy from a reputable supplier who sells Cistus at a fair price. Don’t accept imitators – low-cost herbal teas that have undetermined shelf age, have an undetermined harvest time, and are sourced from undisclosed locations and unproven distributors. That tea is low cost for a reason, and it isn’t a bargain worth buying.
  2. Buy from a reputable supplier who accurately describes the benefits Cistus provides. Don’t go for “magically potent” Cistus sourced from the “world’s best supplier” in a magical land where it has been “proven” that the world’s “best Cistus incanus” grows. Do your scientific research. Don’t just believe the marketing hype.
  3. Don’t choose tinctures and capsules over fresh Mediterranean loose-cut tea. You end up paying an extremely high premium for small, ineffective amounts of the Cistus tea you should instead be drinking.
  4. Read our FAQ, which provides lots of information on Cistus incanus health benefits, therapeutic uses, use as a mosquito and tick repellant, immune support, maskne and eczema support, brewing techniques, tips on sourcing, and links to articles published in scientific journals.

It can be difficult to identify a reputable, reliable source of Cistus tea. Linden Botanicals’ Cistus incanus is grown in its natural Mediterranean habitat and collected at the height of potency. Our Cistus has the full spectrum of bioactives expected from high-quality Cistus. And we sell it at a fair price.

Our Cistus tea is cut and prepared to ensure the highest quality, most available polyphenol content. It offers better availability of phytonutrients and higher potency than the whole-leaf cuts many other suppliers sell. We also pay a premium for the raw material. Doing so allows us to secure a high-quality product and maintain our philosophy of supporting a non-violent economy.

For each of the products we sell, company owner Michael Van der Linden and members of our team read hundreds of scientific articles, travel the world to visit possible sources, and meet with both the collectors and processors personally. We back up our faith in our source and our processors with testing.

What Is Cistus incanus Good For? Your Health.

Cistus incanus makes a pleasant-tasting, uncaffeinated loose tea with a mild, floral flavor. Because of its potential healing properties and taste, we drink it almost every day. (I’m brewing a batch as I write this.)

We love it. We think you will love it too.

Read the Cistus FAQ  Buy Cistus Tea Now

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