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Cistanche Therapeutic Uses (Cistanche tubulosa)

Cistanche Therapeutic Uses – Cistanche Tubulosa, Ginseng of the Desert, Rou Cong Rong – Methuselah’s Breakfast - Linden Botanicals

Cistanche therapeutic uses include helping to clear the mind, enhance learning and memory, and improve physical stamina.

Cistanche Therapeutic Uses

Cistanche tubulosa is also known as desert hyacinth, ginseng of the desert, Cistanche deserticola, and Rou Cong Rong. We at Linden Botanicals like to call it Methuselah’s Breakfast. (Methuselah is the man who reportedly lived until age 969 in the Bible.)

What Is Cistanche?

Cistanche tubulosa is a parasitic flower that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Cistanche is thought to clear the mind. Cistanche therapeutic uses include enhancing cognitive abilities such as learning and memory. Cistanche has been traditionally valued for its anti-aging properties. It has also been used to improve stamina and aid healthy sexual performance.

Cistanche – Key Characteristics

Cistanche is an all flower-bearing holoparasitic plant that belongs to the Orobanchaceae family. It is unable to synthesize chlorophyll and obtains water and nutrients from its host plant. This widely distributed annual produces a dense pyramid spike of bright yellow flowers topped by maroon-tinted buds. The plant tolerates saline environments and is usually found in arid regions.

Cistanche – Traditions and Traditional Uses

It’s traditionally used to fight aging and increase longevity. It may help  to improve brain health, reduce constipation, and improve sexual health by boosting testosterone.

In addition, Cistanche is used to prevent fatigue and increase energy. It may improve memory power and increase immunity, and it also shows promising effects on lowering blood pressure.

Cistanche Therapeutic Uses

Its medicinal properties have been researched and analyzed in hundreds of scientific papers, including in vitro, animal, and human studies. Cistanche tubulosa may support good brain health, strong metabolic function, healthy bones, practiced learning, stamina, and healthy aging.

Properties that have been studied and found statistically significant include adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-senescence, cardio-protective, immunomodulatory, neuroprotective, neurotrophic, nootropic, and osteogenic.

Cistanche – Methuselah’s Breakfast

Are you ready to try Methuselah’s Breakfast? We think you’ll love it. But to be clear, we sell Cistanche tubulosa, not because it may relieve any specific condition, but because we like that it supports the function of various body systems, in particular its anti-senescence properties. The broad range of Cistanche therapeutic uses may help you optimize your health.

We sell Cistanche extract  in 100 gram boxes (50 servings) as OOMPH! Energy Support. We also sell it in larger 200 gram to 1,000 gram sizes. There are so many benefits of Cistanche tubulosa you may want to learn more. A good place to start is with our Cistanche FAQ.

Read the FAQ Buy OOMPH! Buy Cistanche

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