Cistanche Health Benefits (Rou Cong Rong)

Cistanche Health Benefits (Rou Cong Rong)

Cistanche health benefits include enhancing immunity, sexual health, antioxidation, and neuroprotection. It’s known for its anti-aging properties.

Cistanche tubulosa (Rou Cong Rong, Ginseng of the Desert) is a fantastic plant for whole body health, which is why we’ve written a lot about it. Native to Mongolia, Cistanche is a nootropic, an adaptogen, and an antioxidant. It has been used as an herbal therapeutic in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years.

Scientific Research on Cistanche

Let’s start with the Cistanche health benefits research.

In “Herba Cistanche (Rou Cong-Rong): One of the Best Pharmaceutical Gifts of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” a study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, the authors say the following:

“Herba Cistanche has been commonly used traditionally for enhancing immunity, sexual health, antioxidation, and neuroprotection. Various Herba Cistanche products and its derivative are widely used in modern China. The uses of this drug have evolved over nearly 2,000 years, and the demand for Herba Cistanche has grown rapidly in recent years. … With further study, this important TCM is believed to have profound prospects.

Cistanche tubulosa is regularly used to treat a variety of chronic diseases and everyday ailments. To be clear, we’re not suggesting that Cistanche tubulosa can be used as a treatment for a specific disease. Instead, we will focus on the broad spectrum of Cistanche health benefits. We hope to provide some understanding of the multiple body systems with which Cistanche interacts and highlight why it is a valuable health supplement.

Cistanche Tubulosa: Methuselah’s Breakfast

Remember Methuselah? He’s the man who lived until age 969 in the Bible. Below, we’ll show why we call Cistanche Methuselah’s breakfast. We’ll also review Cistanche health benefits and some of Cistanche’s more common therapeutic uses.

Anti-Aging Properties: Cistanche extracts are traditionally used to fight aging and increase longevity.

Energy and Metabolic Function: Cistanche helps maintain healthy metabolic function. It is often used to prevent fatigue and increase energy.

Blood Pressure: Cistanche has shown promising effects on lowering blood pressure.

Memory Enhancer: Cistanche extracts are traditionally used to improve brain health and enhance practiced learning abilities. Cistanche may help sharpen the memory.

Immunity: Cistanche is an antioxidant, and it offers immune support.

Bone Health: Cistanche is used to prevent bone loss and strengthen bones.

Sexual Health: Cistanche is traditionally used to improve sexual health and stamina by possibly boosting testosterone.

Cistanche Health Benefits

This long list of Cistanche health benefits indicates that Cistanche tubulosa interacts with the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, renal, and integumentary body systems. Today, it’s generally recognized that Cistanche tubulosa supports a whole healthy lifestyle approach related to issues with cardiovascular disease, immunity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, psychological stress, and neurocognition.

There is good reason to believe that a lifestyle-related approach to optimal health will benefit from support with Cistanche tubulosa as a health supplement.

Linden Botanicals sells Cistanche extract  in 100 gram boxes (50 servings) as OOMPH! Energy Support. We also sell it in larger 200 gram to 1,000 gram sizes. To learn more about Cistanche, start with the Cistanche FAQ.

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