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Immune System Support: Know the Facts

ShieldsUp Immune Support Kits - Linden Botanicals

Get immune system support with our ShieldsUp! Antiviral Immune Support Kit. And be wary of false promises and fake cures.

Beware of False Promises and Fake Cures

Every day, we come across tricksters offering magic potions that will make you immune to COVID-19 and uncertified masks that will save you. We see the pop-up ads. We see the ads in our social media feed. False promises and fake cures abound.

People are scared, and tricksters love the smell of fear. They know who to prey upon. Some market capsules and tinctures. In place of science and research, tricksters offer slick marketing pitches that persuade desperate people to open their pocketbooks.

Many bottles of pills and herbal preparations claim to “boost immunity.” It’s a problematic claim. Actually boosting the immune response to a pathogen to which the body has no natural immunity can cause a type of cytokine storm that could prove deadly. Now more than ever, it’s smart to be wary of “immune boosting” claims.

For example, extensive scientific research exists on our two favorite plants, Cistus incanus and Phyllanthus niruri, but even that research is not definitive. While the science suggests that Cistus and Phyllanthus can help protect the body against infection and disease, they are not simple “boosting” agents. Phyllanthus is an immunomodulator that can help quell an overactive immune response. Cistus provides immune system support by interfering with viral binding strategies. We suggest that you look for immune support, not an immune boost.

And if someone offers you complete immunity to or a cure for COVID-19, walk away. It’s as simple as that.

So What Exactly Is Immune Support?

Overall, your immune system does a good job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails: A germ invades and makes you sick. Sometimes the germ is novel, and your body has no innate immunity to it.

Immune system support means assisting the immune system in its day-to-day defense against disease. The right herbal supplements may be able to help your immune system function optimally. For example, Torilis japonica might contribute to the body’s natural response to outside stress like infection, illness, or injury. Rosa rugosa provides an excellent source of Vitamin C, which can contribute to the effectiveness of the body’s immune response.

The immune system is complex. Proving that an herb can support immunity is also complex. First, disregard miracle cures. Second, do the research. Start with the hundreds of resources on our site, but don’t stop there.

For example, you can find hundreds of articles on Cistus incanus and Phyllanthus niruri in respected medical journals and on the National Institutes of Health website. Read some of them. Decide for yourself if the science seems to back the immune system support a particular plant seems to offer. Then determine if that herbal supplement may prove helpful for you.

An Immune Support Kit Designed with Intention

We specifically designed our ShieldsUp! antivirus herbal extract kit to provide the necessary ingredients to support your immune system as it fights off invading pathogens. This 20-day antivirus immune system support formula is a proprietary collection of 6 super-botanicals.

Each kit contains Cistus incanus, which offers significant immune support and scientifically proven relief of cold and flu symptoms, and Phyllanthus niruri, which is believed to support a balanced immune system. Phyllanthus is an antiviral, antimalarial and antibacterial, and we believe Phyllanthus offers more health benefits than any other plant in the world.

Kits also include Rosa rugosa, Laricifomes officinalis (Agarikon mushroom), Torilis japonica, and L-lysine. Vitamin C and other bioactives in Rosa rugosa enhance immune response and control inflammation (our Rosa rugosa extract is standardized to 20% vitamin C). Torilis japonica’s antiviral and antibacterial agents support healthy inflammation response. Laricifomes officinalis is used to protect against viral infections. L-lysine is an amino acid that inhibits viral replication and blocks receptors involved in stress response.

Learn more about ShieldsUp! here. Get our favorite immune support smoothie recipe here.

Seek All-Natural Immune System Support vs. False Cures

Science matters. When we opened Linden Botanicals, we curated our product line, only selling teas and extracts with research behind them. We chose our small selection of herbal teas and herbal extracts specifically because they have the proven potential to repair body systems.

Remember: COVID-19 has no cure. Take care of yourself in these uncertain times by eating right, exercising, and staying positive. And incorporate the six super-botanicals in our ShieldsUp! Kits into your diet if you feel the support may benefit you.

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