Post Pandemic Reentry Checklist

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This 10-question post pandemic reentry checklist may help you choose your goals and next steps with intention.

In Illinois, where I grew up, we had lots of tornadoes — and lots of tornado drills. An alarm would sound, and we’d line up and scramble into the hallway, where we would crouch down on our knees, put our heads down, and lace our fingers over our heads. For a while, we would all feel confused and anxious. Fire drill! However, after twenty or thirty minutes passed, we would lose any sense of urgency and get bored. Ho hum. Just another fire drill.

I don’t know about you, but this past year has been one of the strangest of my life. I remember driving to the grocery store last April and feeling something akin to panic as cars whooshed past, as I parked in the lot, as I pushed a cart quickly through the store’s aisles. Every day of the past year had both a startling newness to it and a Groundhog Day sameness to it.

With vaccinations rates steadily increasing and CDC guidance permitting some unmasked gatherings, many of us can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. But before we starting running toward the light at top speed, we might pause for just a moment. That’s where a handy post pandemic reentry checklist comes into play.

Download a printable copy of the checklist HERE

The year of the pandemic helped many of us see what we had long taken for granted. We established new patterns, some good and some bad. Because we’re reemerging into the world, now is a great time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Regardless whether you’re experiencing post-pandemic reentry anxiety, you have an opportunity right now to reflect on your assumptions, patterns, and expectations.

Post Pandemic Reentry Checklist

Consider asking yourself these 10 questions:

  1. What things are currently missing from my life that I really want to add back?
  2. What things are currently missing from my life that I do not want to add back?
  3. What things have I stopped doing during the pandemic that have improved my quality of life?
  4. What things have I started doing during the pandemic that have improved my quality of life?
  5. What pandemic habits, hobbies, or pastimes do I want to maintain going forward?
  6. What pandemic habits, hobbies, or pastimes are draining me physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, …?
  7. Which people am I aching to see as soon as reasonably possible? (How are these relationships feeding me?)
  8. Which people don’t I miss? (And, more importantly, why? How aren’t these relationships feeding me?)
  9. What will I miss most when I fully reemerge back into the world?
  10. What will I appreciate most when I fully reemerge back into the world?

Now is the time to create your new normal. Fall back on old patterns only if those patterns were (and are) serving you. Also take the opportunity to create or reinforce new patterns that you’re sure are serving you.

Whatever you do, use this post pandemic reentry checklist to choose your next steps with great intention.

Ask yourself this: What do YOU need to do to make 2021 your happiest, healthiest year yet?

Download the Checklist

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