Reflections on Herbalism: Royal Gorge (Colorado)

Reflections on Herbalism: Michael Van der Linden’s thoughts about herbalism near gorge-ous Royal Gorge, Cañon City, Colorado. (No, this isn’t a virtual backdrop — it’s the real deal. Linden Botanicals founder and owner Michael Van der Linden shares his thoughts on what herbalism is — and why it matters — in this short, 2-minute video.)


Reflections on Herbalism: TRANSCRIPT

Hello! I’m Michael Van der Linden, owner and founder of Linden Botanicals ( We’re out here enjoying Colorado’s Royal Gorge. It’s absolutely spectacular.

I hope that whenever you watch this video you take time out to enjoy nature, get connected, and feel balanced. I thought I would take a little pause in my day to share with you some reflections on herbalism and about what herbalism is to me – and what it isn’t.

Herbalism isn’t substituting echinacea for an over-the-counter cold remedy or substituting plum flower for something to help your digestion. Herbalism is about finding balance – balance with yourself, balance with nature, balance with those around you.

I’m sharing some reflections on herbalism today because it’s important that we turn to plants as our teachers and our aides. Plants have had millions of years to find ways to be in dynamic balance with changing circumstances, and they’ve learned how to adapt and thrive.

If we are willing to learn from plants, we can observe, process, and put into practice some of things that help them remain in balance during stressful periods. Of all of my reflections on herbalism, this point is key.

A philosophy of herbalism would have you pursuing good sleep, good diet, and good emotional connections. The right herbal supplements can be an aide, an adjuvant to these other pursuits. However, they’re not a substitute or a magic pill.

I do hope you get out into nature and find some time to become more grounded.

We at Linden Botanicals want you to optimize your health. Thanks for letting me share these reflections on herbalism!

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