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Self-Care Practices: Get a Free Herbal Extract Through 3/31!

Linden Botanicals Self Care Challenge

Try these self-care practices and get a free 20g herbal extract: choose the one you want.

Self-Care Practices for Health and Wellbeing

Looking out for yourself involves identifying and honoring regular self-care practices that keep you physically and psychologically healthy. Self care also involves checking in with yourself daily to increase the odds that you’re making intentional, smart choices that contribute to your long-term wellbeing and to your ability to care for and support the people who matter most to you.

We created our Self Care Challenge because we’re all so busy that often we don’t make time for ourselves. The self-care practices we suggest will encourage you to fill your cup first and only then give to others from the overflow. If you give away all your health and strength and wellbeing to others, you’ll deplete your own energy supply. Over time, you’ll lose the capacity to help both yourself and those you love.

Take the Self Care Challenge because your body and your mind won’t take a backseat forever. Instead, they will continually cry out for help and get louder and louder until they break through your physical and mental sound barrier. One way or the other, they will make themselves heard. And by then, a lot of damage may already have been done.

In other words, try these self-care practices and make yourself a priority now, or you may be forced to make yourself a priority later. I know that much for sure.

Earn a 20g Extract as a Free Gift

It’s our hope that the self-care practices in our Self Care Challenge may help you achieve a greater degree of awareness and peace of mind along with better health and overall wellbeing. After you’ve completed the challenge, choose a 20g (~20 servings) healthy herbal extract from our list of available herbal extracts. We’ll send it to you at no cost, U.S. shipping included (international shipping extra). Offer ends March 31, 2022, so get started today!


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