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What Is Phyllanthus Good For? Most Everything.

What is Phyllanthus Good For? Lyme Disease, Immune Support, and Kidney Stone Elimination - Linden Botanicals

What is Phyllanthus good for? Immune support, Lyme disease support, kidney stone elimination, and much, much more.

What Is Phyllanthus Good For? Most Everything …

Phyllanthus niruri (also called Chanca Piedra and Stone Breaker) tea and extract offer tremendous health benefits. Native to the Amazon rainforest, Chanca Piedra is a nootropic, an adaptogen, and an antioxidant. With 100+ identified bioactive compounds, no other plant in the world offers as many health benefits.

Phytochemically rich Chanca Piedra has the potential to help many body systems. It has been traditionally used to support the renal system, help the immune and lymphatic systems combat viruses and bacteria, support the digestive system, and reduce stress on the pancreatic system.

Phyllanthus niruri may offer significant immune support and relief of cold and flu symptoms. Studies show it has powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and biofilm-breaking qualities.

Is Phyllanthus niruri the World’s Healthiest Tea?

We think it may be the healthiest tea in the world. Members of our team drink it every day. It has 100+ bioactive compounds. It’s a powerful antioxidant and a nootropic. Best known for helping to eliminate kidney stones and gall stones, it is also traditionally used in South America and around the world to address a variety of chronic illnesses.

Phyllanthus niruri has been traditionally used to help the immune and lymphatic systems combat viruses and bacteria, support the digestive system and renal system, and reduce stress on the pancreatic system.

The important thing to remember is that the same actions that help with chronic illness can help your body stave off the flu or a cold. Phyllanthus niruri blocks the RNA and DNA transferase, slowing or even stopping bacteria and viruses from multiplying and allowing a more balanced immune system to handle the remaining invaders.

For these reasons, we sell small, 100g sizes of the extract for immune support, as well as larger sizes of the tea and extract. We’ve also included Phyllanthus niruri as one of the six super-botanicals in our proprietary Immune Support Kit.

Can the Tea Provide Kidney Stone Support?

Phyllanthus niruri is known throughout South America as Chanca Piedra, which means stone breaker. Interestingly, it doesn’t technically break the kidney stone. Instead, it stops the accretion of calcium in the kidney, smooths the stone’s spiky surface, stops spasms and eases pain while passing stones, and reduces the size of the stone so it can pass easily through your urine stream. Learn more here, and check out our small, 100g sizes of the extract for kidney health support.

Can Phyllanthus Provide Lyme Disease Support?

Linden Botanicals owner Michael Van der Linden had Lyme Disease for almost 4 years, and he drank Phyllanthus niruri tea to help treat kidney stones. Over a three-month period, he ended up clearing Lyme Disease from his body. It works to inhibit Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). You can read more about how the tea helped Michael rid his body of Lyme Disease here and here.

Can the Tea Provide Stress Relief?

Phyllanthus niruri is a member of a rare and remarkable group of plants called adaptogens, which help the body adapt to physical, chemical, biological, emotional, and environmental stress. As the world’s best synergistic adaptogen, It can help the body deal with inflammation, hypertension, and oxidative stress, which is essential for a balanced immune system and good health.

Can It Help with a Liver Detox Cleanse?

Everything you put in your body eventually goes through the liver’s security checkpoint. Rather than start a new fad diet, consider ways to support efficient liver filtration. Phyllanthus makes a great cleanse/detox tea. A cup of Phyllanthus niruri tea a day can go a long way toward protecting your liver and supporting digestive health. Check out our small, 100g sizes of Phyllanthus extract for detox/cleanse support,

That’s Some Good Tea

We sell Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea and herbal extract. We also sell Phyllanthus in small 100g sizes.

When it comes to Phyllanthus niruri tea, there’s lots to learn. It’s our absolute favorite tea in the world because we believe it’s the healthiest tea in the world. It tastes pretty great too. We think you’ll love it — but we recommend that you do your research.

Visit our Phyllanthus FAQ page for information about its health benefits, Lyme disease, support kidney stone support, immune system support, ways to find a trusted supplier, and much, much more. (As just one example, Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea must come from the Amazon rainforest — Phyllanthus from other parts of the world goes by different names and offers different health benefits.) You can also read more about the science behind Phyllanthus here.

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