Detox Your Body with Phyllanthus niruri Tea

Detox Your Body with Linden Botanicals Phyllanthus niruri Tea

Try Phyllanthus niruri if you want to detox your body. It may be the world’s healthiest tea.

Cleanse and Detox Begin with Your Liver and Kidneys

Any kidney and liver cleanse incorporates natural foods. The liver can (and will) go into overdrive when you eat foods with additives, preservatives, food colorings, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, and chemically modified fats. Liver filtration occurs constantly and can get backed up if you’re consuming too much junk. Cut the crap – real food is the best way to support your liver.

The liver is your body’s main detox organ. Keeping your liver in tip top shape on a daily basis will go a long way toward protecting your body from too much food, too much bad food, or anything toxic that goes into your body.

To support your liver and kidneys, consider drinking Phyllanthus niruri tea. Phyllanthus provides all-natural detox and cleanse support. Its 100+ powerful bioactive compounds act as a diuretic to help eliminate body fluids filtered by the kidneys.

In fact, phytochemically rich Phyllanthus niruri has been used for thousands of years to provide detox and cleanse support, as well as to support the digestive system, support the liver and renal system, and reduce stress on the pancreatic system. Rather than starting a new fad diet, consider all-natural ways to support efficient detox and cleanse of your body systems. You can learn more about our favorite liver cleanse here and learn more about the liver and digestion here.

In short, the best kidney and liver detox/cleanse involves caring for your kidneys and liver on a daily basis. Skip sugar, cut down on or eliminate alcohol, never mix medications, and introduce a daily cup of Phyllanthus niruri (Chanca Piedra, Stone Breaker) tea. A cup of Phyllanthus niruri tea a day can go a long way toward protecting your liver and digestive health.

The World’s Healthiest Tea

Phyllanthus niruri is an all-natural herbal tea from the Amazon region of Peru. It’s also known as Chanca Piedra, Stone Breaker, and Gale of the Wind. We believe it’s the world’s healthiest plant. No other plant offers as many health benefits. Popular in South America, it has 100+ identified bioactive compounds. It’s a powerful antioxidant, a nootropic, and the world’s best synergistic adaptogen.

Best known for helping to eliminate kidney stones and gall stones, Phyllanthus niruri is also used in Andean medical systems and around the globe as a body detox and as cleanse support and to address many health concerns and chronic illnesses, including Lyme disease.

Because the toxins you’re pulling out go through the liver when you’re doing a detox or cleanse, it’s critical to support liver health and protect the liver. Phyllanthus niruri is very good at protecting the liver. Consider drinking Phyllanthus tea as part of your detox routine.

Detox Your Body with Phyllanthus Tea

Phyllanthus niruri is the subject of more than 1,600 scientific studies, including this study and this study. It can go a long way toward supporting your detox and cleanse support goals by helping to protect your kidneys, your liver, and your overall digestive health. There is good reason to believe that a lifestyle-related approach to optimal health will benefit from support with Phyllanthus niruri as a health supplement.

We sell Phyllanthus niruri as a tea, a powder, and an extract. We also sell it in small 100g sizes as SWISH Detox/Cleanse Support. You can learn lots more about Phyllanthus niruri tea by reading our Phyllanthus FAQ.

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