Immune Support Kit: 6 Powerhouse Extracts

Antivirus Immune Support with ShieldsUp! - Immune Support Kit- Linden Botanicals

Our ShieldsUp! Immune Support Kit contains 6 herbal extracts, including Cistus incanus, Rosa rugosa, and Phyllanthus niruri.

We sought out the most powerful global extracts in the marketplace to create a proprietary collection of 6 extracts that we call the ShieldsUp! Immune Support Kit. The kits are designed to do the following:

  1. Support the body’s immune defenses
  2. Inhibit the lifecycle of common viruses
  3. Fight colds, flus, coughs, and invading pathogens
  4. Bolster the respiratory tract
  5. Protect against free radical damage
  6. Protect against overactive immune response inflammation

Linden Botanicals Immune Support Kit

clockwise from top left: Cistus incanus (Rock Rose), Agarikon mushroom (Laricifomes officinalis), Rose Hips (Rosa rugosa for vitamin C), and Phyllanthus niruri.

Extracts in Our Immune Support Kit

ShieldsUp! Kits include 5 scientifically researched and time tested all-natural herbs, along with L-lysine (an amino acid). This advanced immune support formula provides key, all-natural ingredients to support the immune system and help fight off invading pathogens. Together, these extracts offer approximately 20 days of immune support, cold and flu support, healthy respiration support, and anti-inflammation support.

Each ShieldsUp! Immune Support Kit contains 20 gram packets of 5 herbal extracts and 1 amino acid:

  • Cistus incanus offers scientifically proven relief of cold and flu symptoms.
  • Phyllanthus niruri is an antiviral, antimalarial, and antibacterial that helps to balance the immune system.
  • Rosa rugosa has vitamin C and other bioactives that may enhance immune response and control inflammation.
  • Laricifomes officinalis (Agarikon mushroom) is used to enhance the immune system and protect against viral infections.
  • Torilis japonica has effective antiviral and antibacterial properties that support healthy immune and inflammation response.
  • L-lysine is an amino acid that inhibits viral replication and blocks receptors involved in stress response.

How the Immune Support Kit Works

Pour each pack into the enclosed tin. Stir the mixture after each addition to blend well. Each Immune Support Kit includes a 6 gram scoop. Mix 1 scoop twice a day into warm water, juice, or a smoothie. (Here’s a smoothie recipe.) If desired, you can also mix 1 scoop of herbal mixture with 1 teaspoon honey, add the mixture to warm water, and drink it as a tea. As an another alternative, you can use 1/2 scoop twice a day.

These 6 powerful ingredients are enclosed in separate packs so you can choose how best to support your immune system. If you have a known allergy, a previous adverse reaction, or a health condition that suggests you should not use one or more of these ingredients, you can also customize your usage accordingly.

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Get the Facts

Our ShieldsUp! Immune Support Kit is designed to provide the immune support you need to help your body prepare to fight viruses. The extracts in the kit work in concert with traditional recommendations that can help support your immune system.

Take care of yourself. Start by arming yourself with the facts. The individual extracts in the kit each sell for $12.95 each and up — buying a kit is the most cost-effective way to try out all 6 powerhouse extracts.

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