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Our Natural Herb Store Was Built Out of Love

Linden Botanicals: Our Natural Herb Store Was Built Out of Love

We launched our online natural herb store because we believe in the great potential of plant-based health. (That’s our founder, Michael Van der Linden, in the photo.)

Why We Launched Linden Botanicals

We started Linden Botanicals because we believe in the value of plant-based health and evidence-based medicine. We have spent years researching the uses and benefits of the plants we offer. Nature is our factory. The right terroir, geography, time of year, and growth cycles make all the difference.

We source curated plants from reputable suppliers. To deliver the finest herbal teas and extracts to our customers, we travel to and partner with the communities where our plants are grown and harvested. This commitment is part of our DNA, and it’s key to why we opened our online natural herb store in the first place.

The Importance of Naturecrafting

The philosophy of our natural herb store extends to our commitment to naturecrafting. Naturecrafting is a hybrid process that combines the best elements of wildcrafting and traditional cultivation of plants and herbs. We believe in sustainably collecting our seed stock from plants in their natural environment. This process encourages genetic diversity vs. a cloned monoculture. It also helps to guarantee that we collect the most active plants and phytochemicals (biologically active compounds found in plants).

In addition, our sources manage cultivation to minimize environmental impacts. First, this process ensures proper species identification (after all, many plants look alike). Second, it reinforces quality control. Third, it syncs harvest scheduling with peak value periods. Finally, organic farming methods eliminate pesticides and contaminants.

Our Natural Herb Store Continues to Grow

When we launched Linden Botanicals, we deliberately chose to offer a small, curated selection of teas and extracts. Rather than sell every tea under the sun, we chose only plants with significant research and science behind them. Phyllanthus niruri was the first tea and extract we selected because Michael, our founder, drank Phyllanthus tea from Peru to support his fight with Lyme disease. We selected the rest of our teas and extracts after careful research to make sure they are all-natural, effective, and safe.

Today, we’re slowly and carefully expanding the line of teas and extracts we sell in our natural herb store. We’ve added our best seller, Mediterranean Cistus incanus, a proprietary Immune Support Kit, and our Health Made Simple line of smaller-sized extracts. We’re doing everything we can to make sure our products meet our customers specific health needs. We believe we sell the healthiest teas and extracts in the world.

We want you to optimize your physical, mental, and emotional health. Our particular expertise is in how to apply plant-based products to help you achieve this important goal. Throughout our site, you’ll find hundreds of science-based articles about the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to give you the valuable tools and resources you need to enable you to become your best possible self.

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