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Herbal Education: An End-of-Year Review

Herbal Education - Linden Botanicals

We regularly provide herbal education tools and resources to help people learn about the world’s healthiest teas and extracts. Here are highlights from 2020.

Stress Relief for Trying Times

Herbal education research suggests that Tulsi tea and extract may help to address physical, chemical, metabolic, and psychological stress. Used for thousands of years, Tulsi is prevalent in ancient Greek and Unani systems of holistic health as well as Ayurvedic medicine. It’s a nootropic, an antioxidant, and an adaptogen that helps the body combat the effects of stress and enables the body to function normally during traumatic periods. It helps keep normal levels of cortisol in the body so you feel less anxious.



ShieldsUp Immune Support Kits

ShieldsUp! herbal extract kits contain L-lysine and these super-botanicals:

  • Cistus incanus offers significant immune support and scientifically proven relief of cold and flu symptoms.
  • Phyllanthus niruri balances the immune system. It is an antiviral, antimalarial, and antibacterial.
  • Rosa rugosa (Rose Hips) contains vitamin C and other bioactives to enhance immune response and control inflammation.
  • Torilis japonica’s effective antiviral and antibacterial agents support healthy immune and inflammation response.
  • Laricifomes officinalis (Agarikon Mushroom) is used to enhance the immune system and protect against viral infections.


Lyme Disease Support (Herbal Education)

Make tick checks part of your post-outdoor routine. And if you think (or know) you have Lyme disease, seek medical attention, build your herbal education, and consider incorporating Phyllanthus niruri herbal tea into your daily diet. We encourage you to learn everything you can about why Phyllanthus niruri from the Peruvian Amazon is a real powerhouse. That’s some good tea!



The Will Strengthener

Polygala tenuifolia is often used to support the treatment of cognitive deficits, improve learning and memory, and increase awareness and clarity. Its Chinese name, Yuan Zhi, means “high aspirations.” Adherents believe it improves creative thinking and manifested ideas. Buddhist monks use it to support meditation and focus. It’s thought to calm the heart and ease restlessness and anxiety. Herbal education research also suggests it may support the sleep process by discharging repressed emotions and relaxing the body.



The Mind Rejuvenator

Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry) extract is commonly used to rejuvenate the mind and increase clarity of thought. It may improve learning, short-term memory, navigational skills, coordination, and balance. It’s also used to support the treatment of cognitive deficits and age-related cognitive issues. It may jumpstart the brain to help aging neurons communicate.



Mediterranean Cistus incanus Tea from Crete

Cistus incanus makes a pleasant-tasting loose tea with a mild, slightly tannic, floral flavor. Because of its healing properties and taste qualities, it’s popular with people seeking immune support, insect repellant support, and overall wellness. High-quality, Mediterranean Cistus incanus is in large demand and low supply, but we have it in stock!



Herbal Education: Lessons from the Darkness

For four years, Lyme disease took a toll on Michael Van der Linden’s health, his bank account, his ability to hold down a job, his social life, and even his sense of self worth. Michael healed himself with the right foods, embarked upon his herbal education, drank Phyllanthus niruri tea three times a day, and became more mindful of the world around him. He also learned to be kinder to himself, reminding himself daily that he is not his illness.



Health Made Simple Extracts in Small Sizes

Our customers wanted their favorite healthy extracts in smaller sizes. Our new Health Made Simple line of products makes it easy to choose and remember which extract is right for you. The playful, colorful, eco-friendly boxes contain extracts that provide immune support, stress relief, energy support, memory support, mood support, kidney support, joint support, digestive support, inflammation support, hormonal balance support, and detox/cleanse support.



Herbal Education: The World’s Healthiest Teas

We started Linden Botanicals because we believe in the value of plant-based health and evidence-based medicine. We’ve spent years researching the uses and benefits of the plants we offer. The right terroir, geography, naturecrafting, time of year, and growth cycles make all the difference.

To that end, we have spent time in women’s co-ops, schools, hospitals, Ayurvedic retreats, Peruvian Amazon villages, riads, souks, and centers for peace. Our purpose and our passion are to learn everything we can about the world’s healthiest teas and extracts — and the places where those teas and extracts are sourced — in order to help our customers optimize their health.


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