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Stress Tea: Tulsi Tea May Protect Body Systems Under Stress

Stress Tea: Tulsi Tea May Protect Body Systems Under Stress

Need a stress tea? You’re not alone. Try drinking Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum, Holy Basil) tea and smoothies.

Like many people, I’m having trouble sleeping. I have a lot on my mind, what with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the health and wellbeing of the world’s population and the associated hardships millions are facing. You may be thinking about these things too.

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum, Holy Basil) extracted concentrate helps me get through the stress of the day. Known as the Queen of Herbs, Tulsi can’t magically change my mood (or yours), but it may moderate cortisol to help protect body systems during stressful times. To be clear, it will not treat COVID-19. (To be even more clear, no herbal tea will treat or cure COVID-19.) However, Tulsi stress tea may help provide some of the stress relief you’re seeking.

How Tulsi Stress Tea May Provide Stress Relief

Mounting evidence suggests that Tulsi tea and extract effectively help to address physical, chemical, metabolic, and psychological stress. It may provide stress relief through a unique combination of pharmacological actions.

Used for thousands of years, Tulsi is prevalent in ancient Greek and Unani systems of holistic health as well as Ayurvedic medicine. It’s a nootropic, an adaptogen, and an antioxidant. Tulsi is renowned the world over for its anti-stress properties. Adaptogens help the body combat the effects of stress and enable the body to function normally during traumatic periods. Tulsi helps keep normal levels of cortisol in the body so you feel less anxious.

Let’s look at the science. Tulsi constituents ocimarin and ocimumosides A and B show anti-stress activity, including normalizing blood sugar levels and cortisol levels. Tulsi has been shown to be as effective as the antidepressant desipramine. Tulsi may help maintain the balance of the nerves and boost energy.

Tulsi Health Benefits

Tulsi properties that have been studied and found statistically significant include the following: antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-plasmodial, blood sugar control, immunomodulation, nootropicradioprotective, ulcer inhibiting, ulcer healing, and wound healing.

Try Tulsi stress tea in a stress relief smoothie. Mix about 1/2 tsp in a smoothie once daily. Find our favorite recipe here.

Stress Tea May Provide Stress Relief One Day at a Time

Tulsi extract is believed to boost energy, sharpen memory, calm nerves, and relieve anxiety. It has also been used to help breathing problems, sore throats, cough, eye problems, fever, gum disease, headaches, heart problems, high cholesterol, itching from insect bites, mouth ulcers, respiratory problems, and skin infections. I’m currently incorporating Tulsi into my diet to address the stress relief I’m seeking.

Living in the past and fearing the future aren’t successful life strategies. More than anything else, I’m striving to focus on each day. I’m getting direct sunlight, exercising, attempting to get enough sleep, and, for the most part, eating right. And each day I have a Tulsi smoothie. (You can learn more by reading the Tulsi FAQ.)

I’m trying to take care of myself. Whatever you do, try to take care of you, too.

Read the FAQ  Buy Tulsi Buy AHHH!

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