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Want a Healthier Lifestyle? Stop Chasing Sickness and Start Pursuing Health

Want a Healthier Lifestyle? Stop Chasing Sickness and Start Pursuing Health

Want a healthier lifestyle? Stop chasing sickness and start pursuing health. I’ll share my Lyme disease story.

Why do so many of us chase sickness instead of pursuing health?

It’s an important (and complex) question, one that’s often overlooked. Here, I’d like to discuss why so many people chase sickness by sharing my own story. My aim is to provide insights that may enable you (or someone you care about) adopt a healthier lifestyle.

What Does It Mean to “Stop Chasing Sickness”?

It’s a great question. I’ll answer by giving you an example.

If you have suffered from chronic illness (or know someone who has), you understand how pernicious disease can be, not just to your physical health but also to your mental health. I struggled with Lyme Disease for almost four years. As you may know, Lyme is a tick-borne disease whose symptoms include fever, headache, and fatigue. During those four years, I fell into all the common traps. I tried everything and sought advice from every corner. Doctors told me to try this new medicine or that. Various medical practitioners told me I needed to treat co-infections. Other people suffering from Lyme told me to remediate environmental conditions like mold. The list went on and on.

On top of health complications, long-lasting disease took its toll on my bank account, my ability to hold down a job, my social life, and even my sense of self worth.

When illness takes over, it can dominate your life. It’s hard to want to adopt a healthier lifestyle when you’re struggling. The results can be devastating.

At the time what I didn’t understand that in the process of always looking for any possible relief from my illness, along with the next best miracle cure, the disease became my life. I didn’t recognize that I was chasing sickness.

Learn About My Personal Journey with Lyme


But … It’s Hard to Stop Chasing Sickness When You’re Actually Sick

Yes. It is. I know this firsthand.

If you’ve suffered like I have, you know what chasing sickness looks like. It involves seeing endless doctors and specialists to diagnose each new symptom, trying one costly new medication after the other (each with its own onslaught of side effects), and spending hours each week scouring articles and forums in search of a magic bullet.

Unfortunately, chasing sickness is a repetitive and exhausting loop. Such an illness mentality is borne of an understandable desire to halt chronic illness at any and all costs.

How Can I Break the Cycle and Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle?

First, recognize the limitations of allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine approaches illness only in terms of treating pathogens. (You have a virus; you take a drug.) But health (and the idea of pursuing health) is a byproduct of a whole body approach. You’re more than just a host for pathogens. Your body is a network of systems; when one system is out of sync, the other systems are necessarily impacted.

Second, change your perspective. For example, rather than crossing my fingers and hoping I could eliminate Lyme Disease in one fell swoop, I made a commitment to optimizing my health. I focused less compulsively on symptoms and concentrated more consciously on body systems. I started actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

In other words, I began building a strong foundation of health using a combination of nutritious food, restorative sleep, regular exercise, and consistent stress-reduction techniques. (If you’re not sure where to start, ask your doctor for guidance to determine how to measure and optimize the functionality of your body’s systems.) I strived to reach the optimum levels for my body.

Can Herbal Remedies Help Me Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle?

Absolutely. In combination with the right food, sleep, and exercise, I began drinking a tea made from an herb from the Amazon jungles in Peru called Phyllanthus niruri. Also known as Chanca Piedra and Stone Breaker, Phyllanthus niruri has been the subject of thousands of scientific studies, and it has over 100 bioactive compounds. Best known for helping to eliminate kidney stones and gall stones, Phyllanthus niruri is also traditionally used in South America and around the world to address a variety of chronic illnesses.

Phyllanthus niruri is a member of a rare and remarkable group of plants called adaptogens, which help the body adapt to physical, chemical, biological, emotional, and environmental stress. Phyllanthus can help the body deal with inflammation, hypertension, and oxidative stress. Adapting to stressors is essential for a balanced immune system and a healthier lifestyle.

I drank Phyllanthus niruri tea three times a day for three months straight. Today I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from Lyme Disease.

Can I Really Shift My Mindset from Illness to Wellness?

Yes, you can. I say this with confidence because I myself suffered from chronic disease. I know what it is to chase sickness. I also know what it is to take intentional positive steps to rid my body of chronic disease.

You can do it too. But it won’t be easy. It requires a shift in mindset from illness to wellness and a willingness to go the distance. There are no overnight, magic wand cures. If someone tries to convince you that such a cure exists, don’t buy what they’re selling.

What’s your best chance of overcoming your chronic illness? Stop chasing sickness and start pursuing health.

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