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Our site includes hundreds of science-based resources. Our healthy lifestyle tips will help you optimize your health!

Health Articles and Valuable Resources

Linden Botanicals’ online tea store sells a selection of herbs curated with extreme care for their ability to optimize health. Let’s just say we’re passionate about our customers’ health and well being, and we believe that when it comes to health, education is key. (If you agree, we’re going to get along great.)

Our blog includes lots of valuable resources on better sleep, mental focus, brain health, stress management, mood support, kidney health, digestive health, and immune system support. Wondering about herbalism and the best herbal remedies? Looking for a free e-book filled with life strategies that can help you live healthier and feel better? Hoping to find a detox cleanse that will truly rejuvenate you? We have the healthy lifestyle tips you need.

The articles our dedicated team writes address pressing health questions our customers often ask and include outside scientific research (sources like the NIH, FDA, and Scientific American). Below is a sampling of the many valuable articles you’ll find on our site.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips on Immune System Support

Immune System Support: Know the Facts

Pollution and Immune System Response: Boost Your Immunity

Optimize Your Immune System Through Overall Wellness

Healthy Lifestyle Tips on Brain Health and Mental Focus

Best Herbal Nootropics

Herbal Therapeutics That Soothe Your Gut and Support Memory

Brain Focus Smoothies for Optimal Brain Health

Healthy Lifestyle Tips on Stress Relief and Emotional Wellness

Alleviate Anxiety – Counteract Anxiety’s Effects on Your Brain

Best Adaptogen Teas: 4 Teas That Help You Adapt to Stress

3 Zen-Inducing, All-Natural Stress Relief Teas

Healthy Lifestyle Tips on Kidney Health

An Insane Kidney Stone Treatment — and a Much Saner, More Effective Approach

Phyllanthus niruri for Kidney Stones

Borrelia burgdorferi and Lyme Disease — What You Need to Know

Healthy Lifestyle Tips on Digestive Health

3 Best Digestive Health Teas for Good Digestive Health

Healthy Gut Smoothies to Heal Your Gut

Liver and Digestion – Whole Body Health Connections

Healthy Lifestyle Tips on Sleep

Can’t Sleep Through the Night? Your Brain Might be in Trouble.

Sleeping Life Hacks to Help You Get the Sleep You Need

Prioritize Sleep — It’ll Do Your Body (and Your Mind) Good

Health Articles on the World’s Healthiest Teas

Our site also includes lots of information on the world’s healthiest herbal teas and extracts, all of which we sell in our store:

Phyllanthus niruri/Chanca Piedra/Stone Breaker, the world’s healthiest tea

Cistus incanus/Rock Rose, the shield of Zeus

Ocimum sanctum/Holy Basil/Tulsi, the queen of herbs

Polygala/Seneca/Yuan Zhi, the will strengthener

Paeonia lactiflora/White Peony Root, the beautiful healer

Cistanche tubulosa/Rou Cong Rong, Methuselah’s breakfast

Vaccinium uliginosum/Bilberry/Bog Blueberry, the brain berry

Bacopa monnieri/Brahmi, the mastermind

Terminalia chebula/Haritaki/Myrobalan, the king of healing

Semen cuscutae/Tu Si Zi: the longevity herb

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